Planning A Childs Party

by Cynthia Harrison - Date: 2010-10-21 - Word Count: 314 Share This!

Birthdays are an exciting time for children, each year they want bigger and better parties so it is easy for parents to run out of ideas. It doesn't matter how old your son or daughter is going to be one type of party which always proves a success is children's fancy dress.

Children love the opportunity to dress up, whether its trying on their parents home or the costume of their favourite Disney character, the chance to look cool and be the centre of attention is too good an opportunity to give up. It may be unknown to you, but throwing a themed party doesn't have to be difficult.

The first thing to do is decide on a theme, whether you want your child to have an input on this is up to you but there are lots of ideas to choose from. Disney characters, pirates, princesses, zoo animals the choices are endless! Once you have decided what theme you are going for its time to sort out the invitations for friends.

When you are choosing who to invite, be sure to listen to who your child wants there. You can give the invitations to your child to hand out at school, but where possible inform the parents of the party, as children often leave them in their trays or book bags forgetting completely.

Don't forget to mention on the invitations that the party is fancy dress, feel free to put fancy dress ideas on the invites. The more notice the parents are given the better, that way all attendees can arrange their costumes in advance of the date.

In preparation of the big day remember there is no such thing as too much preparation. You should decorate the room, choose a cake and party games around the chosen theme but you must also be ready for the event to take all kinds of unexpected twists and turns.

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