Steroid Side Effects: Roid Rage and Increased Aggressiveness

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Common steroid side effects normally reported on a steroid online forum, steroid profile, an anabolic steroid research guide, as well as, of course, outside the bodybuilding and steroid community, both the media and medical establishment, will be listed here before targeting in on discussion of one particular steroid side effect. All of the following are assumed as being "normal" steroid doses which are associated with the combined practice of anabolic steroid use and bodybuilding. Steroid side effects which are typically listed are the following:

Steroid side effects: acne, balding, liver damage, gynocomastia (or "bitch tits"), high cholesterol, increased aggression (or "roid rage"), kidney damage, stunted growth, testicle shrinkage, and there are some other steroid side effects which are commonly listed but we'll have a brief look at one of these commonly listed steroid side effects.

Steroid side effect: Roid Rage.

"Roid Rage" or increased aggressiveness associated with anabolic steroid use is a very controversial side effect that ranges from accepted truth to flat out myth. The bottom line appears to be part truth, part myth; that is one must first understand the personalities whom usually choose to partake in anabolic steroid use. The user tends to already display traits of natural aggressiveness, and this is not to say its negative, just natural and most likely has contributed to positive life aspects, as well as negative. So studies which have concluded the steroid side effect of roid rage to be the real deal, can be argued to be biased from the get go, as once again, individuals who would make the decision to take the risk of using anabolic steroids tend to have a fair amount of naturally aggressive traits. Now, by taking steroids, or put in another way, injecting or ingesting a good amount of testosterone into the body, can the steroid side effect of roid rage be triggered? It probably can increase aggressiveness to a certain degree in individuals who already are predisposed to aggressive behavioral tendencies. But it probably won't trigger this incredible Hulk type creature to suddenly emerge and freak out all over the place in an uncontrollable rage, or "roid rage" Such tends to be the caricature of the steroid side effect of roid rage. And evidence to the latter doesn't exist to support the angry Hulk transformative phenomenon.

Anabolic research guides or anabolic steroid online forums will point to a major study conducted on individuals who were administered testosterone, and the end result in regards to the steroid side effect of roid rage (after psychological tests were performed both at the beginning and end) was that no participant became violent as the result of steroid intake. Some reported they felt more aggressive, some no effect whatsoever. But even the majority of ones who reported more aggressive feelings showed that self control was present and "uncontrollable incredible hulk-like outbursts" were not present. Having said that, 5% of the group were reported to show signs of manic or hypomanic steroid side effects.

So in the case of the steroid side effect of roid rage, it can be said that extreme cases of aggressiveness due to anabolic steroid can be present, but rare. General feelings of increased aggressiveness can be more common.

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