Dinner Sets and Plates

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Our beautifully handcrafted Dinner Plates will really set the tone for your next dinner party, or for your family's daily supper. Choose your favorite dinner plates in all of our original ceramic designs from classic looks to botanical delights. Our ceramic dinner plates are handmade and handpainted at Emerson Creek Pottery. All our ceramic pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe, ovenproof, and always 100% lead free.

These inspired, melamine dinner plates by Thomas Paul are the most elegant plastic plates we have ever seen. Perfect design for a formal dinner party yet sturdy enough a raucous birthday bash.

Each plate measures dishwasher safe, but not intended for use in the microwave. As shimmering and vibrant as sunshine glistening off cresting waves, this recycled glass dinnerware instantly brightens the mood of any meal. We provide the works, from charger, dinner plate, salad plate to cereal bowl to dessert bowl and saucer and serving platters in various painted shades of blue, green, and clear glass. This Plate looks like a CMYK printer check on top of your Dinner Plate. We like these functional, affordable dinnerware with bold graphic style. The plates are made of high-grade, dishwasher-safe melamine plastic plates.

Place dinner plates at the center of the setting with a soup bowl on top of the dinner plate. Dinner knives go to the immediate right of the plate, and the soup goes to the right of the knife. The salad fork goes to the immediate left of the plate followed by the dinner or main course fork. The butter knife and bread and butter plate is placed at the upper left side of the dinner plate. At the top of the dinner plate is the dessert fork, and to the right of that is the place for water and wine glasses. Please purchase on online www.etabletop.com

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