Chapter 2 - Just the Facts - Excerpt From Home Grown Terrorists

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John went back to Casey's office and wasted no time in voicing his suspicions. He asked, "Where is Homeland Security in all this? Why aren't they leading the show? Aren't they supposed to be in charge? Why are you trying to implicate the Iranians? There is no information indicating that to my knowledge."

Casey gave John a stern look and told him to sit down. He told John that what he was about to tell him was on a need to know basis only. Casey told John that intelligence reports from the CIA indicated that Drew Middy the head of Homeland Security had been in secret contact with the Quds Secret Intelligence forces of Iran. When confronted with the information he clamed up and resigned. He was now under house arrest. They didn't know how deep this conspiracy went in the Homeland Security Agency, but for security purposes the whole agency was being kept out of the loop.

They were aware that the Iranians probably weren't involved in the homegrown terrorist bombings, but the President wanted them blamed. It was unconceivable that these were just homegrown terrorists acting on their own. If that were so it would make the President's administration responsible for the dissatisfaction of these homegrown terrorists that let them to take such drastic action.

Since Iran had faced down the United States and developed their own nuclear bombs in 2013 aided by faulty intelligence by our own intelligence services, which refused to confirm that they actually were making nuclear bombs until they had an arsenal of more than twenty, and the long range ballistic missiles to deliver them any where they wanted to, their secret intelligence service had been active in the U.S. just as our agents have become active in their Country. The Iranians had become the powerhouse of the Middle East.

A tentative peace now existed with Iran as our domestic Oil Companies made fortunes redeveloping the Iranian Oil fields. Powerful Americans were making fortunes because of the détente with Iran and the redevelopment of their oil resources. As the political climate improved with Iran because of oil revenues, a few well placed Americans, dissatisfied with the way our government was operating, and convinced that America was on the decline, were secretly conspiring with the Iranians in the hopes of filling a power vacuum when our own government imploded, which it seemed well on the way to doing.

How and why the head of Homeland Security had become personally involved with the Iranians was not yet clear. Maybe Drew Middy fell victim to a giant bribe, or blackmail. It had long been rumored that he was gay. Maybe Drew had a deal with Iran to take over as head of a Junta of other prominent traitors if our democracy collapsed. Whatever the reason, the Nation was in deadly peril and it was going to be up to John and Orin individually, and the FBI to keep the Country safe. If that meant confusing the American public as to the origins of the homegrown terrorist activities so be it. It was the only fortunate coincidence to come out of this mess with the Iranians terrorists and the President wanted us to take full advantage of it.

John could hardly believe what he was hearing. Casey had given him a lot to absorb. E didn't like misleading the American public about the Iranians, but he was a patriot and loyal to the President.

Casey said, "John this information is for your ears only. You can't tell anyone, not even your wife. I know you have been having problems at home lately, but they will have to wait."

"How did you know about me and Alice," John asked?

Casey said, "I had to check you out again just to be sure we could trust you. Everyone has to be vetted again including me so don't take it personally. I need your help."

John turned pale. He didn't know what to say. Finally he found his voice and told Casey, "I'm your man. What can I do?"

Casey grabbed him by the hand and squeezed hard. He said, "I knew I could count on you John."

Then as John stood up to leave Casey added, "One more thing John, Your boss in New York has been linked to the conspiracy with Drew Middy. He too has resigned and is under lock and key in a secure house. You are in charge in New York now. You are number one. Be careful my friend. These are dangerous times. You don't know who you can trust. You don't know how deeply Iranian intelligence has infiltrated the hierarchy of this Country, be careful, be very careful. You don't know who may be a secret Iranian sympathizer. This is like England during the Second Word War with their Nazi sympathizers. The future of our democracy may be at stake."

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