What You Should Expect to Do when Completing Online Surveys

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Taking online surveys is always said to be extremely easy and quick. Be as it may, what does it actually involve? Even though taking online surveys requires little effort, you should know what to expect if you're considering taking online surveys regularly.

What are Online Surveys truly about?

Online surveys may ask you any kind of information - either broader, or more specific. They might ask you very general questions about your tastes and preferences - what kind of sugar you add to your coffee; whether you have it black or with milk; if you prefer decaf, etc. You find that online surveys can be really fun and pleasant, because the questions also help you think about what you really like as a consumer, and may also help you reconsider some of your purchasing decisions.

Other online surveys ask you about your purchasing history. If the survey is about electric appliances, it will inquire into your last purchases of appliances; the brands you prefer; the budget you allocated; your future plans to purchase any other appliances, etc. These types of online surveys help you account for your own purchasing habits. Also, they might give you valuable info to consider next time you purchase within the range of products that the online survey is about.

How Long Does it take to Complete Online Surveys?

There are one-page surveys and multi-screen surveys. The one-page online surveys usually ask a very general question, such as "why do you take paid surveys?" These surveys also feature a list of answer options, in a multiple choice format, that require you to select one or more of the answers.

Multi-screen online surveys are more complex; more detailed, and might have sub-categories. You may need to provide your demographic information (age group, gender), your income bracket; credit history (number and type of credit cards). Beware, the legitimate survey sites will never ask you about your credit card number or your bank account. Multi-screen surveys usually take longer - up to 30 minutes, sometimes more. They are usually well paid and incentivized - you may get up to $75 by completing a multi-screen survey. Online surveys that feature more than a few, specific questions may also be addressed to a narrower target group. For instance, a very detailed survey about lipstick is more likely to encompass the female population, rather than the male. Surveys about mortgage plans may be designed for people in higher income brackets. Therefore, you will qualify for more specific online surveys when you have provided more personal details in your user account with the survey companies you've registered

Should I take Online Surveys for Prizes, rather than Cash?

Some survey respondents are disappointed when they receive an invitation for an online survey that gives out prizes or enters survey takers in lottery drawings, instead of paying solid cash. Some survey takers disregard these surveys and do not complete them, but are twice as disappointed to find out that they have been deleted from the database of the survey site as "unreliable respondents". Reputable surveys companies vary the prizes they give out - the top-level surveys may pay up to $100, but the smallest one-question surveys may enter you into drawings. However, the survey company keeps a record of your activity as a survey respondent, and if you disregard its invitations, you may end up out of its respondent pool. That way, you also lose the chance to complete the premium cash surveys. Therefore, it pays to complete the smaller surveys and build a reputation of a reliable survey respondent. Good luck!

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