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by Angelbird 1 - Date: 2010-02-03 - Word Count: 443 Share This!

Over a year ago I was searching the Internet in hopes to find a place that could help me save my home from being sold at a Sheriff Auction: Instead what I found was a place I know call my home,

Let me explain a little of how I feel about a site called, "Tree of Wishes" I started out thinking I was on a site to get things that I needed but, soon realized that there was much more to this site than wishes coming true.

After a little while I realized that the joy was not in having my wishes come true but, to bless others with what I could do for them. As time when on everyone became closer to each other and friendships began to blossom. The joy that you have come from deep in your heart when you see a post say, " I need your prayers" and to return a post saying, " you are in my prayers". Or another post saying, "I need a card sent to my daughter for her birthday" and knowing you have a box of cards that are for Children's birthdays.

I am addicted to being on the "Tree of Wishes" I love reading the post and to look and see if I might have what is needed. I have learned a lesson by being on the "Tree of Wishes" it is more joy to give than receive. It is so touching in my heart to know that I can be a Blessing to someone that is hurting. To give hope to those who are down and out ~ sometimes it is just a few words that can bring peace to another person's heart.
My life will never be the same again since I have became a member of the " Tree of Wishes" Never ~ I have seen people that join and are struggling themselves but, turn around and share the little they do have.
Do you know anyone who has a wish they want to come true? Do you know someone who is struggling? My advice is to tell them to become a member of the "Tree of Wishes" and they will be blessed.

From people needing a few dollars to someone losing their home there are so many wishes that you could and be a part of. My life is so full of joy and I will give all that I can to support this site.
For this new Year come join us and share from your heart. You too will soon realize the caring this group has and you will find that it is a blessing to give from the heart ~ Join us in a place I call Home.

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