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Basic Security in the Home does not need to cost a fortune in fact it could save you a fortune. By the time you read this article there will have been five burglaries. The majority of break-ins are through doors (66%) followed by the windows (32%) A home security alarm with alarm monitoring, home security cameras (CCTV) and quality security locks fitted are part of the best security scenario for your property. However there are some basic crime preventative measures you can take that are either free or very cost effective.

Simple precautions include making sure your external doors are locked especially in the evenings, install a chain and bolt and a door viewer. Put a deadbolt on any cellar or basement doors from the inside if possible or a hasp and good strong padlock on the outside. Close all your windows especially when you go out even the small ones. Don't leave handbags or wallets lying out where someone could quickly snatch them. Make sure that any gardening equipment and ladders are locked away to prevent them being used to help a burglar break-in. Don't leave a spare key under the mat or a plant, leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor.

Security lighting is cheap and usually come with built-in PIR motion detector, which will light up when someone approaches your property. Thieves hate to be noticed and the last thing they want is to be seen. Security lighting is also a good safety feature to help provide safer access to your door.

A cheap battery operated PIR Motion detector costs very little and could alert you to an intruder and hopefully frighten them away if they think they are going to be discovered. Think about where you place the motion detectors if you have pets or children that could set them off. Join or start a neighborhood watch scheme in your area. Your local Police department should be able to give you help and advice to set one up and run it. If you are going out at night close the curtains or blinds and leave a radio playing to give the appearance that someone is still in.

Fit security window locks, especially to all lower ground windows and don't leave the key in the window when you go out. Security window locks are cheap and easy to fit and are generally available at most DIY stores. Mark your property with your postcode using a (UV) security pen or engraving and make then less attractive to steal. It is often harder for them to sell property that has been marked with the true owners post code or details.

Many people do not realise that over the years their property is worth far more than they think. How much does a CD or a DVD cost? then multiply it by the number you have. Even the modest CD or DVD collection could be expensive to replace and in some cases could be impossible if your favourite CD is not longer available to order. Think about any Jewellery, DVD players, Televisions, Hi-fi, Cameras and video cameras you may have, what would it cost to replace all of these items? You might have insurance but that does not help you replace items of a sentimental value or the now deleted CD or DVD. It's your property and by taking a few simple precautions you could prevent it becoming someone else's!

It's not just the fact that someone has taken your possessions, they have been in your home and through your personal property. Then you have to deal with the Police to report the crime and then the insurance company who want receipts and lots of information. The last thing you want is to come face to face with a burglar where anything could happen.

These measures should be in conjunction with other security measures like a home security alarm, high security window locks, security cameras (CCTV) it all helps to prevent your home from being the next crime scene. Most burglars are opportunist and if you don't give them the opportunity you will save yourself a lot of stress and hassle.

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Frank Landers is a freelance journalist and award winning photographer, He has also worked as a Travel and Security adviser (Not allowed to say who for) and is currently retained as a security adviser for Security in the Home

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