Negatives Of Hosted Phone System

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Every system has its own pros and cons and it is not possible to have a system that is flawless. We are enjoying the benefits of modern inventions and at the same time we should also be ready to face it negatives. Before seeing its negative, let us have some overview about the hosted phone systems and its features. Hosted phone system is called as a virtual phone system. What is virtual PBX? It is a technology to manage phone tasks, through virtual PBX system more than one person can reach form a single number and it is a combination of PBX and voip technology.

What are the facilities the hosted phone system provides? It avoids the need for separate voice and data networks, conference calling, more call per single connection, location independence, multi modal access and single number to be presented for the entire company. Even though it has various advantages it also has some disadvantages. The various negatives of hosted phone system are, it is less reliable and no guarantee for quality of service, time delay in its system and suffer from jitter. A single number is used for the entire company despite by its geographical locations, so there may be confusion existing.

It has low voice quality if there is any disturbance in broadband connection and it is a system that relies completely on internet, so if single failure exists it can isolate the communication and also have redundancy problem. Local number portability and mobile number portability also have its impact and it can have the problem of impedance mismatch and echo. It is an internet connected device and has the problem of hacking and there is a chance to get your password lost, hackers may capture your computer data packets and conceal your computer security. Some of the system do not support encryption and have security problems.

It is an auto phone system and does not require any receptionist and it provides other services such as inward calling, Call forwarding, call transfer, call screening and fax to email. Everything is done automatically and it does not require any receptionist to handle the calls. Even though it provides good features, automatic system will not be as efficient as manual one. Automatic call system has the chance of call delay, for example if a caller is calling to one concern and he wants to contact only one particular department and this automatic one does not provide immediate response to the callers so there is a possibility of a customer to get irritated. Internet is a network of networks and if there is a loss in signal and if the ADSL light does not glow properly the caller may not be able to contact soon and the connectivity may get lost. It is not scalable and completely requires a redo of infrastructure, and emergency calls cannot be routed to a nearby call center and it is difficult to locate network users geographically. Hosted system can be used in a best way if these negatives are removed.

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