The 'other' Side Of Humor

by Wain Roy - Date: 2007-12-03 - Word Count: 480 Share This!

The magic mantra for the success of any business is the ability to understand the nerves of one's target. Analyzing today's business market, nothing sells as good as humor. This 'other' side of humor is being widely exploited by businesses worldwide. Humor casts a magical spell by distracting the attention of the onlookers, who are so much enchanted with what is shown in an ad that they forget its ultimate purpose. However, if the ad succeeds in winning the hearts of the viewers, it surely etches its name in their minds. Generally observed, people are motivated to buy a product if any commercial impresses them extremely.

Many people consider humor creation to be quite a tedious task. It's true that a keen eye is needed to evoke good humor. Humor is the staple of our daily lives; it emerges from the day to day activities. It can be sarcastic as well as pleasing but if humor is promotional oriented, then being sarcastic would not be too rewarding. Humor, used in commercials, should have a 'feel good' factor so as to rope in the attention of the people, finally allowing them to cash in its advantage.

The popularity of funny videos and commercials over the Internet is growing at a fast pace. Since visitors spend hardly 30 seconds over a page, the commercials are created to catch their attention on the spur of the moment. Herein lies the challenge for commercials and this explains the reason why funny commercials are a bigger hit over the rest. Not just commercials, funny videos have also become a good source of earning money. If you happen to be a keen web surfer, then you can concentrate your energies to collect some really amazing videos, funny or adventurous. A good collection of videos on your own website will definitely bring generate more traffic, thus accounting for its popularity.

Funny videos and commercials are aimed not merely to provide entertainment but to improve brand recognition. However, it is doubtful to what extent it would better its saleablity or the buying intentions of the people. Funny commercials are more effective in getting recognition at short notice. If they register popularity, there is definitely a hike in the product sales. But once the effect wears out, people no longer are interested in buying the very same product. As such, with changing times, commercials should be flavored with fresh humor to maintain consumer loyalty.

Humor can thus emerge as a true winner not just to win over the hearts of millions but also allows your business to prosper lavishly. A website hosting a unique collection of funny videos can be a good source of making money. On the other hand, successful funny commercials hold the promise of capturing a greater share of the market. Whether commercials or videos, we can certainly conclude that humor does sell, and too, very effectively!

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