Is There Such A Thing As A Pimple Remedy? You Bet There is!

by Tim Shank - Date: 2007-03-30 - Word Count: 355 Share This!

Almost all of us have dealt with the problem of having had a pimple attack right before a big event in our life. Perhaps it was before a dance, or right before your first date. Other times it seems as though the bigger the upcoming event, the bigger your acne attack becomes. There is actually a reason for that. Many of us tend to stress when we have something big coming up and stress can cause our skin to break out. It's one of those cruel tricks of nature that we have to put up with. While there is no way that we will ever completely rid ourselves of the problem, there are some things that we can do to lessen the problem. Here are some pimple remedies that you can use to help.

1. Wash with vinegar - Soak a cotton ball in some vinegar and rub it on your face. Wait a minute and then wash it off. Try doing this several times a day, it may help to dry up an ongoing outbreak.

2. Keep it clean - Try carrying some acne pads, or some cleansing pads in your pocket (in a plastic bag of course) then throughout the day wash your face so that it doesn't allow your skin to get oily for a long period of time. Most people only use the face cleansers once or twice a day.

3. Eat your veggies - Sometimes you can lessen your acne by eating the right things. Too much sugary candy and soda pop will cause your face to break out, so try substituting those things with veggies. Something that worked for me is to eat a thin slice of red beet ever day and chew it very well. This is not only good for you, it helps clean the blood and the liver.

Keep on top of your acne problem and soon you will see some improvement. Of course there are also some things that are available as far as medicine goes, but that is something that will be discussed in a future article. Good health and good skin go hand in hand, and I wish you both.

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