Arthritis-The Two Most Common Type and What To Do

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There are many types of arthritis. This discussion will be about two of those and possible treatment. The two discussed will be osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative arthritis. It is less severe and easier to treat than the next type discussed. Osteoarthritis develops over the years and usually occurs after 40 years old. It affects the knees, hips, feet, and fingers. Most times, the condition is due to wear and tear on the joints. The cartilage in the particular joint affected breaks down, due to friction and pressure. Habits of the person, the ty pe of work they do, the weight of the individual, doing the same movement over and over again through the years, can be factors. Also the long term taking of steroids can contribute to the condition.

Osteoarthritis is inflammation. It builds over time, and is not very noticable to the individual at first. The bearer of it will experience pain and perhaps some burning as the condition progresses. If not checked, the arthritic patient can have flre ups of stiff, painful swelling. The most common treatment of osteoarthritis are non-steroidal anti-inflammtory agents ( NSAIDS ). These are drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and indomethacin. These are generally effective to reduce the inflammation. Over time side effects can develop. The most common is gastrointestinal. Intestinal or peptic ulcers can form. The worst case scenario is a bleeding ulcer. Nsaids have been linked to cardiac disorders, in some cases.

The cox2 inhibitors had a moment of glory in arthritic treatment They were excellent at reducing the inflammation. Some though ( Vioxx and Bextra ), were linked to a rash of strokes and heart attacks, and were recalled. Celebrex (a cox2 inhibitor ) is still approved by the F.D.A. for use. In the last 20 years , Nutritional science has given some new hope in treatment. Glucosamine was first on the scene, quickly followed by chondroitin. Thes two are said to help rebuild cartilage. Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM is said to help with ligament repair. Combining these ingredients works faster and better. It may tale several months to see results. Then there is hyaluronic acid, a protein that occurs naturally throughout our body. ther are major concentrations of this in the synovial fluid of our joints. Taking this, especially in combination with the above three can be helpful.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a whole different monster. It is a auto-immune disease. In rheumatoid arthritis, our immune mistakes the synovial membranes in our body for foreign material and attacks it. If let go can very well cause skeletal deformities. It can also affect th heart, lungs,and most other organs. Rheumatoid arthritis can occur at any age. Most commonly, it occurs between the ages of 25 to 55 years. Women are affected more often than men.

There is no known prevention for this type of arthritis. Treatment is aggressive and lifelong. They include exercise, physical therapy, Sometimes surgery, and medication. Nsaids do help, but augmentation with other medications is usually necessary. Methotrexate, a disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug ( DMARD ), is often given. It is taken once a week. Other dmard's are Solganol, Riduara, and Myochrysine. Sometimes anti-malarials, such as hydroxychloroquin or sulfasalazine can be beneficial. A new class of drugs, tumor necrosis factor inhibitors, has shown many good results with auto-immune disease. These include Enbrel, Remicade, and Humira.

Most of the above drug treatments can have serious side effects. These can be prevented or dealt with , if the patient has consistent blood work done. But, rheumatois arthritis must be treated aggressively, or the patient ends up disabled or dead much earlier than he would have otherwise.

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Written by John Markus at John had been a pharmacist for 33 years. His wife has type I diabetes. Also, his eight year old granddaughter has diabetes. He and his family have been dealing with these type of problems for a long time. Tough at times, but successfully in end. He has studied health, nutrition, fitness, and disease states for 30 plus years.

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