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UK universities have quite a complicated system of entering requirements which include assessment of different levels of education, scores and certificates. Thus, it is important to know these requirements to be prepared well.
To get a place on a university for higher education course in the UK a student would usually need, firstly, a qualification equivalent to UK level 3. It is A level which includes two three subjects or Double GNVQ Advanced level or BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) national qualification level. Secondly, a student applying for higher education needs to have an English language qualification, which is certified by IELTS exam scores which should be at least 6 scores; if English knowledge is certified by Cambridge CAE (Certificate in Advanced English), GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) English Language the scores must be at least at grades from A to C; TOEFL (Test Of English as Foreign Language which is the American equivalent to the British IELTS) requires minimum 580 scores for a student to be recognized for university.
If a student willing to enter UK university has school leaving qualifications which are higher than UK level 2 but would not normally be considered as equivalent to UK level 3, or he or she wants a year to improve his/her English and gain experience of academic study in English, he or she could take a one year International Foundation course or an AS (Advanced Subsidiary) level or single (one year) GNVQ (General national Vocational Qualification) level. If a student entering the UK university is from another country where the school system and academic environment are quite different from the UK he or she would be required to have at least two year course at level 3. It means he/she would have A level Double (two years) GNVQ Advanced or BTEC National Diploma.
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