Security marking, tagging and tracking systems for caravans and motorhomes

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Pre 92 vehicle owners should consider marking their caravan in the same manner as the prospect of having to replace all the glass to avoid identification is a powerful deterrent. It is also worth using a permanent marker pen to mark your chassis number or postcode inside all cupboards and lockers. The caravan roof could also be marked with your postcode in order to identify your vehicle from the air.

Mark items of value within with the vehicle with your postcode or some other unique identifying number. Keep a note of any serial numbers and have them linked to a recognised database. You could also take photographs of your caravan and its interior fittings for identification purposes.

For further information about marking schemes contact your local crime prevention officer.

Electronic Tagging

With electronic tagging, tiny tags are concealed in random locations within the interior and exterior of the caravan and the unique ID number is registered with the tag manufacturer. This information is made available to the police who by using a electronic scanner, can match the tag number against a database and identify the legal owner. As these tags are so small, it unlikely that a thief would be able to find and remove them all, so the vehicle is always identifiable. All caravans manufactured since August 1998 in the UK have these tags fitted as standard


Although locks and alarms can be a good deterrent, these can often be overcome by a determined professional thief. A GPS tracking system which transmits and pin-points the exact location of the vehicle can aid the Police and lead to the fast recovery of a stolen caravan. Although they are quite expensive, they can also be very effective deterrents as the thief has to locate and disable the device before making off with the vehicle.


By taking the above precautions you will not only help minimise theft in the first place, but should your vehicle be stolen, you will greatly assist the police making a full recovery and in apprehending the thief. You will also make identification easier when recovered which will assist them in a achieving successful prosecution.

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