The Laws of Sales Success

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Sales professionals must create magnetic appeal to increase closing efficiency. Our present global environment creates numerous obstacles that polarize sales efforts, form the proliferation of the Internet to advanced media. Ironically, with the intrigue of technological miracles the foundation of sales success exists upon 10 principles. Since the beginning of trade, selling has not changed, nor have these laws. These principles as they have for centuries are the laws that attract numerous clients and create successful selling professionals.

The Law of Preparation

The best selling professionals are always prepared. Preparation denotes a voracious appetite for information. Productive professionals attract more clients when they read information and eventually convert this to client knowledge. The knowledge output provides client value in terms of competitiveness, productivity and even profitability. Value stems from reading newspapers, trade publications and conducting research. When clients determine from the value professionals provide they are more apt to conduct business and moreover, use them repeatidly. Finally, closing ratios increase when selling professionals anticipate client needs.

The Law of Selling Methodology

Sales training is critically important to all organizations. ES Research Group reveals that 90% of all sales training programs conducted for corporations result only in a 90-120 day increase in sales productivity and, as a result, fewer than 20% of companies realize any sustainable productivity gain that lasts beyond 12 months. In the United States alone over four billion dollars is spent per year on training selling professionals with two thirds of that money ear marked for one day training.

To be competitive, selling professionals must be competitive. It appears that taking the time to develop a training program does in fact pay tangible returns. Many companies think that sales training can help with the strategic account planning aspect of selling. More importantly is providing selling professionals with a methodology they adhere to and more importantly create attraction.

The Law of Value Proposition

Many professionals are quick to state what they do for a living. While not much is incorrect with this statement, the tendency forms stereotype. And, worse yet as an entrepreneur operating a business, one gets placed into a pool with competitors. One of the best assets for every selling professional is a value statement. Be mindful, this is not an elevator speech. This pithy statement ends the stereotype and focuses all attention completely on the prospective client. A value proposition is solutions based with all benefits focused on the consumer. Customer value propositions have become one of the most widely used terms in business markets. These simple statements enable selling professionals to articulate their company's position into useful terminology that engages the prospective client.

The Law of Referrals

Proper attraction involves referral acquisition. Professionals abhor asking for referrals! Business is driven by the ability to ask for new business. If clients are happy with your work they will willingly provide others with your value. The best way to seek referrals is when you are first engaged with the client and they are at an emotional high. More importantly you want to ask when you are in the account, since this is the best time to be top of mind.

The Law of the Decision Maker

Sales attraction is discovering the true economic buyer. 67% of selling professionals spend too much time with those that cannot make a decision. Sellers are often duped into the process because they do not ask the proper questions. Good detective work means asking the difficult questions. Selling professionals must be intelligent enough to know about the organization, the competition to conduct and intellectual conversation. Research has found that the title never denotes the economic buyer.

The Law of Value

True selling professionals endeavor to resolve client issues before the client understands the issue. They have a passion for converting products and services into value. In a recent interview with over 10,000 clients, they indicate their desire for sales professionals that can speak client language, understand the core issues and get to the heart of the matter expediently. Ask clients provocative questions that get them thinking about legacy, expectations and strategic direction.

The Law of Networking

Truly the best professionals constantly network. Selling professionals by nature require constant engagement with others to comprehend business trends and meet new opportunities. Admittedly, there exist a plethora of networking associations and organizations, choose those close to your location and aligned with your business. Review your local paper for functions that interest you and attend as a guest, but go! If you do not attend, your competitors are.

The Law of Desire

Successful professionals love challenges, are exceptional at overcoming adversity and love what they represent. They are never shy or non-conversant, and you can sense their spirit and their passion when they speak. Successful professionals have an aura of spirit, of love, of passion, of commitment in everything and anything that they do. The passion for assisting others is the fuel that bounds from failure to fortune.

The Law of Faith

Faith is a component of both passion and love. Faith is the ability to disavow the norms. Thomas Edison did not believe he failed he had faith to succeed. If Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie did not have faith our American business system would not be the supreme power it is. And if Abraham Lincoln did not have faith, African Americans would not be free and his name would not be associated with America's greatest president. In fact, faith was so imperative for Lincoln because his successes did not arrive until after his 40th birthday. Faith is one of the largest key components to the laws of selling attraction.

The Law of Success

Professionals have to breathe it, become it and yearn for it. Success does not come easy. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King jr. stated, Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. Take the ladder of success one step at a time by seeing each step, living each step and appreciating each step.

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