Attracting Customers Through An Improved Shopping Experience

by Steven Taylor - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 616 Share This!

So many new shopping malls and supermarkets are put up every year. Many more are already in business. These shopping malls and supermarkets compete with the same customers, and because there are so many establishments of their kind, these companies are making huge efforts and spending huge amounts of money in order to maintain their clients and attract a lot more.

Let's discuss tips on how to maximize your business potential.

Establishments with big front windows should take advantage of this situation. They can place original and attraction-grabbing displays on them. They must put their newest, latest and most popular products in the front so that customers can see them easily. But do not put so much clutter on your front windows as it is unpleasant to look at. Your display area must generate visual excitement in your customers and draw their attention, not repel them. You can also add in sale announcements and new products available in your company to make customers aware of what is new in your establishment. One tip that you can use when you are arranging your displays on your front window is that your displays should have a sense of balance within them. Heavy and darker items are usually placed at the bottom. Make it a habit to change your displays in the stores at least once a month and especially during the holidays so as not to be boring.

Lighting is also essential to grab the customer's attention. Good lighting effects usually attract their attention, but dull lighting is boring. Customers pass up looking at displays with bad lighting.

Although it might sound silly, the aroma of the store is another factor that gets customer's attention. Who would want to go into a store time and time again that has an awful smell to it? A lot of shopping malls and supermarkets use scents to enhance their customers' experience. One trick in using scents to enhance their experience is by making the scent consistent with your display's theme. For example, if you go into a ladies' section, it is imperative that the area should have a feminine smell to it. Another trick is the use of scented candles. As there are a lot of scented candles now out in the market, you can choose any kind of scent that would best suit your display area. But do choose some scented candles that promote relaxation and is soothing and pleasing to the customers' sense of smell.

The type of music played in the shopping areas and supermarkets is also another way of enhancing your customers' experience while shopping. Again, like what I have discussed above, your kind of music should be dependent on what is on your display and your target customer. For example, if the store is targeting the younger generation, why not use fast and funky music? It is more suitable as this type of music is what they are listening to nowadays. Kids will not like listening to old songs when they are out shopping with friends. But make sure that the music is just loud enough to please the ears but not too loud that the customers and the employees have to shout over the noise just to have a conversation.

In arranging the racks, make sure that they are not crowded together. There must be ample space for the customers to walk around without bumping into the display racks or other customers. They must have enough space to be able to move freely.

One way to test all this is by pretending to be a customer. Put yourself in their shoes and study your stores. If you find them acceptable as a customer, then go for it. But if not, make adjustments.

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