The History Of Brussels Bonsai

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More and more people are turning to bonsai planting to cope with stress. Believe it or not, that small potted tree could be equivalent to a regular yoga class. It could soothe the mind just as much as those physically-twisting poses that people do during yoga. If you are considering your first pot (of bonsai, that is), it's time to meet Brussel's.

Brussel's is one of the leading grower and importer of bonsais in the United States. Looking at the company's website, one is able to find all the needed tools and methods to be able to start or maintain bonsais.

The Brussel's Online Store sells bonsai trees (potted and ready to take home); bonsai pots, tools (such as soil scoops, scissors, hut stake signs, pliers or cutters); fertilizers; and accessories (like fountains, watering cans, even books).

The company also aids bonsai beginners by educating them with the styles of bonsai and how to properly care for it. With the online education, people can learn the basics of bonsai growing and also some of the most frequently asked questions.

This 'nursery', as they are fond of calling themselves, began in the mind of a 5 year old when his father came back home from a business trip. The father brought back several species of bonsais that captivated the young child.

This child grew up to be a bonsai enthusiast and throughout his teenage years, he studied the art of bonsai. It soon became his business when he began trading bonsais through the mail. This kid started the first, ever bonsai nursery in the entire country.

The founder, Brussel Martin, has his office or 'nursery' in the northern part of Mississippi. The abundant lighting in that area made it more conducive to bonsai tending. The company also boasts that the founder himself specially selected each and every bonsai tree.

Brussel's doesn't only provide useful information but they also hold special events to market their trees and other products. With this aggressive approach to marketing, they are able to sell at discounted prices as they also invite resource speakers to talk about bonsais in specifics. If you would want to meet the top masters of bonsai planting, you can even attend the annual convention that is held for all bonsai lovers.

Brussel Martin has definitely expanded the horizon for bonsais. With all the help that is available today, even those who haven't grown a single plant in their lives would aspire to have one.

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