Making Contact in the Digital Age

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Some ways to connect in the new comms.

by Rafael Corney, dating coach

This isn't your Daddy's world anymore. That's right. This isn't just about picking up the phone to contact that sexy babe. Now there are options - a dizzying array of them, in fact. Traditional phones, cell phones, text messaging, instant messaging, email, MySpace - wow! What's a guy supposed to do? Okay then, let me tell you about the options from my viewpoint.

1.Traditional phone: There are two points here. First is the fact of talking to her live. Second is the inconvenience of being tied down. If the latter doesn't bother you, then the plus here is getting her right here, right now, and talking on your time terms. Of course, she might not be there. Then what? Leave a message? Absolutely not. Again, keep it on your terms and keep calling. But, there is one caveat. What if she has caller ID? What if she doesn't want to talk to you? In that case, don't make a fool of yourself by calling ten million times. Call once a day and leave it at that.

2.Cell phone: Everything I said above holds true, but with a cell phone, you're not tied down.

3.Text messaging: Text messaging is cool. Text messaging is where it's at. Keep it cool, and keep it short. A simple "Hey" is enough to get started. And don't ask her out; your objective should be to just make a brief contact. You'll tantalize her, I promise.

4.Instant messaging: Be careful with this one. If you use it for early contact, again, keep it brief and short. Lots of people get annoyed at the intrusion of IM, myself included.

5.Email: I think email is in sum, the best option. You and she can communicate on your own time, "speak" without pressure, and set the stage for future, more direct contact. Now, guys, one important thing here. If she doesn't already have your phone number, don't, don't, DON'T say "Here is my phone number" in the text of the email. Rather, do, do, DO set up a signature block that has an impressive title, organization, and phone number where you can be reached.

6.MySpace: I have to mention MySpace.

Rafael Corney is a dating coach and has decided to put his knowledge to the Internet, and help thousands of (classy young) men to learn and master the skills that are essential for a long lasting relationship as well as how to spark the attraction that a woman can feel in his "zone".
He can be reached at his blog, don't forget the quiz at

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