Three Tips For Picking Out The Best Value Investing Software

by Jonathon Langley - Date: 2010-08-16 - Word Count: 371 Share This!

Value investing software can turn a first time clueless trader into a success in the stock market without the time or experience/knowledge required to put towards it as every aspect of analytics is carried out for you short of actually placing and ending the trades. It can be difficult to differentiate between one value investing software option and another when their sales letters all promise the same things or to make you rich overnight it seems, so here are the top 3 tips for sailing past the hype machines and getting the best value investing software of today.

First, I absolutely recommend that you limit your search to stock programs with a moneyback guarantee to go with them. Only publishers behind value investing software can make that claim, so be sure this guarantee is in place to significantly weed out the ineffective and scam programs from the rest.

A moneyback guarantee also enables you to test the value investing software first hand which I recommend you do if you are on the fence about anyone program given the ease of the whole process.

Testing a stock program with a moneyback guarantee is as simple as getting the program, receiving a handful of stock picks, and gauging their performances and following them along in the real time market. If you're not fully satisfied you can easily get out and the whole process is extremely quick and painless. I've done this with dozens of programs and truthfully many publishers encourage that you test their stock programs in this way if they stand behind their value investing software enough.

Finally, you should think about looking into what sort of customer support they offer. While most stock program publishers don't offer phone support, you might consider sending them a test e-mail to gauge their response time with the idea being that they should respect your opinion of them enough to get right back to you and answer any concerns and questions that you might have. What I'll always do is simply send the publisher an e-mail in which I express my interest in their value investing software, then wait and see us how long it takes for them to respond and how substantial their response is at that.

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