Mobile phone Insurance Guide: Your Mobile Gets Protection Now

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You carry your mobile phone with you. Whether you are out for work or for some other thing, your mobile handset is your constant companion. At time it may happen that you forgot to take your mobile phone or it got lost, stolen or damaged in an unfortunate accident. Mobile phones are expensive gadgets and buying another needs a good amount of cash. Sensing this, Insurance companies in association with mobile phone manufacturers are providing mobile phone insurance to consumers.

You need to pay a premium to avail a mobile phone insurance. The premium amount is calculated on the basis of the market value of your mobile handset and the type of policy you want to take. If due to any eventuality, your mobile phone gets stolen or damaged the mobile phone will reimburse you the loss. With a small premium you get a financial cover for your mobile phone in addition to the peace of mind.There are varieties of mobile phone insurance plans available in the market. Depending upon your premium paying capacity and needs you can avail a mobile insurance to protect your handset from accidental damages and losses. Many Insurance companies have an eligibility criteria of the policy holder being 21 years old. Check the eligibility requirements with your local mobile shop or Insurance company.

An Insurance policy mainly covers:

•Damages due to accident: The Insurance provider in such case will reimburse you the cost of repairing etc. If repair is not possible in that case, the Insurance company will finance the purchase of new handset.

•Loss due to accident: In case of loss of mobile due to an accident, the Insurance company will reimburse the cost of handset.

•Theft: You will get a new mobile phone in case it is stolen.

The Insurance company covers losses happening in outside the country as well. You just need to support your claim with documentary evidences.

Get mobile phone insurance today and relax...

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