Glow in the Dark Paint

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Glow in the dark paint works by absorbing light and then releasing it, creating the glow in the dark effect while other types use self-emitting light technology. This type of paint can be used on many surfaces to make them glow when the lights are turned off. You are sure to get this kind of paint in party supply stores. Its used for illuminating surfaces for parties, hobby stores, or in any department store in your area. You are sure to get them from online as well as offline stores.

Glow in the dark paint has sufficiently found use in model rockets. These rockets are painted with this paint in order to launch them at night and find them. Parents can create glow in the Dark Stars in children rooms to create the impressions of galaxies. They could also be used on Silhouette Walls, RC Airplanes, Vehicle Painting, t-shirts, fishing lures, police flashlight, glow cars, candles and dot rooms among many other uses.

These paints come in different compositions though the most common are zinc-sulfide based phosphorescent pigments in an acrylic medium, alkaline rare earth metal silicate in an aluminate oxide europium dope and Strontium powders among other formulations. The different combination allow for different color combination ranging from green to red to blue and yellow green.

The water based version of these paints also produce an odor similar to a typical paint though they are non-toxic, odorless and also safe. The Solvent Based mediums can produce harmful fumes and are not safe for children rooms. During preparation the paint mix process is done such that the crystals are evenly dispersed within a clear and thick paint medium. These ensures the highest available glow times and clarity.

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