Light Tables For The Contemporary Home

by Vicki Duong - Date: 2007-06-27 - Word Count: 339 Share This!

Who would've thought that lighting and furniture would be a convenient and highly functional option to have in your home? Light tables which are usually catered to design related industries such as drafting, architecture and even graphic design are essential products that are important to their industry. However, not everyone in the general public has been exposed to this uniquely functional furniture item. But with modern and contemporary design becoming more popular in households, what's not to like about a table that lights up?

Light tables, as mentioned before, are familiar to those who work in the drafting and architecture industry. For those of you who aren't familiar with light tables, they're basically large, rectangular tables that have a glass top with fluorescent lights that run underneath it. I was lucky enough to use a light table in one of my art classes back in high school; they're also known as tracing tables, which particularly come in handy when you need to make adjustments to a design.

Nowadays furniture designers are taking the idea of a light table and running with it by making extraordinary coffee tables and end tables. It's amazing that just with the addition of a fluorescent bulb underneath a table top will create an ethereal appearance that's both cosmopolitan and high end. Let's not forget the awesome feature that comes with these light tables - the built in light! No longer would you have to invest in an extra lamp to place upon your light-coffee table; all you have to do is just flip the switch that's either on the side or underneath the table.

Another great thing about light tables is that with just a flip of a switch they'll make coffee table items look like works of art. Face it, anything that's being bathed in a glow of light looks both expensive and brilliant. Creating the perfect atmosphere for soirees, romantic nights in, or just an ethereal atmosphere for your home, contemporary light tables are an essential to have for the fashion forward decorator.

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