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by JEN BARNUM - Date: 2010-02-15 - Word Count: 450 Share This!

No matter what business you are running you need to work on bringing in new customers while maintain the ones you currently serve. There are many wonderful promotional items that can help with this, but often times it is the unusual ones that grab the most attention. One of the least purchased and possibly the most useful promotional item that is available for your marketing need is the promotional road atlas.

An atlas is one of those item that you leave in a car, but serve useful in those lost driving moments. Have you ever missed your turn or thought you went to far so turned around, only to realize that you are now going the wrong way? Well when there is an atlas in the car you can pull over and review the maps to see where you are and how much further you will need to travel. When you distribute a promotional atlas to your customers you will find that not only will they receive a lot of use, but they will also gain your business a lot of exposure.

Having your name and number imprinted on the front of this item is sure to get some attention for your business and if your business relates to a vehicle or something having to do with transportation, then it is the perfect place to advertise. Think about it, if a customer needs a quick call to a repair shop for road side assistance, they won't have their yellow pages handy, but they will have that road atlas with them.

Imprinting your logo on handy road assistance items is a great way to ensure that every time a customer is in their vehicle they have your number handy and although an atlas is an incredible item selection, so are mini mag lights, road assistance kits, and ice scrapers. Any item that is handy in a car is a good one to invest in imprinting your logo on.

You can't go wrong with advertising that is handy and goes with your customers. For your next promotion think about your business and the items that your customer will have handy when they might need to give you a call. This will help you narrow down your promotional items and target them not only to the individuals you are giving them to but to the moment at which they might call your business and this is the best way to promote your business.

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