Hand Blenders: Whisk, Chop, Mix

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A hand blender is an efficient device that makes day-to-day culinary work quicker and easier. Of the two primary varieties of blender--freestanding blenders and hand blenders--hand blenders are better suited for whisking ingredients such as cream or eggs, chopping ingredients such as hard chunks of food or fine materials such as herbs, and blending ingredients in a household application. However, when compared to freestanding blenders the blending power and capacity of hand blenders is lower.

It is important to select a blender that has a strong, ergonomic handle. This facilitates grasping the blender firmly and allows the user to exert complete control over the blending process. The hand should be mounted firmly onto the chassis of the actual machine. Most blenders are designed with this arrangement, and are therefore easier to use as compared to the blenders that endeavor to attract attention by changing this basic structure.

Whisking and chopping are the two basic functions that any blender should be able to perform. In addition to these, a blender that comes with a mini-chopper is a good upgrade to look for as this allows the ingredients to be blended without creating a mess or spillage.

The efficiency of a hand blender depends upon its wattage. As the wattage increases the blender will be stronger and faster. Blenders between 150 to 300 watts are ideal for hand use, combining sufficient power with ready portability. Higher wattage blenders are especially useful for chopping or mixing heavy ingredients, while lower wattage blenders can be used for chopping soft food material or blending liquids.

Another yardstick used to measure the efficiency of a blender is to check its revolutions per minute (rpm) capacity. The final rpm is decided by the blender's speed, which can be single, double or variable. Single speeds are useful for whisk-blend, while variable speeds are particularly effective when chopping. Double speeds are best suited to chopping multiple ingredients with different consistencies.

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