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Nokia have enjoyed the market share of the mobile phone industry for over 7 years continually releasing new innovative, stylish and functional mobile handsets that appeal to the entire spectrum of mobile phone users requirements.

The manufacturer has always catered for everyone from the gadget hungry who revell in the experience of owning the latest technology, the fashion led who enjoy nothing better than roaming the streets proudly showing off their new Nokia phone and those who prefer the simplicity of making calls and sending text messages from a user friendly, budget handset.

It may not come as a surprise that in the day and age of covered pop music and reworked films from the 1960s that Nokia are the first company to re-release a new phone sporting the same model number as an age old classic that lived in peoples pockets over 5 years ago. No other mobile manufacturer has either thought of or had the courage to do this showing that Nokia are extremely proud, not only of their current releases but of their ground breaking models still talked about by mobile enthusiasts the world over. The new Nokia 6500 has been given an extra model description: Classic, setting it apart from it original namesake and no doubt to stop confusion between buyer and seller. The original 6500 model was and still is the only Nokia mobile phone ever to offer a blue backlit display screen. At the time of its release, all other Nokia phones were using the signature green backlight. Other unique features included its overall shape, the Nokia 6500 was the first of a succession of models with squared corners, later followed by the Nokia 8310.

The new Nokia 6500 Classic follows on the tradition of its namesake with a very square design and an individual casing made from seamless anodized aluminium giving the phone a feel of quality and expense. In terms of design you could be forgiven for thinking you had just picked up the original phone, however as soon as you touch a button you are presented with a full colour display telling apart the two models. Housed beneath this cool exterior lies a 2.0 megapixel camera supporting video record and playback and an MP3 Player for listening to your favourite music tracks. The Nokia 6500 Classic is also 3G enabled allowing for fast access to the internet and emails as well as broadband speed downloads of new mobile content such as ringtones, games and new themes. You can also keep up to date with the latest news and sports headlines, new movie trailers and latest music releases via 3G services. Connectivity is easy with Bluetooth, UMTS support, USB port and EDGE technology offering multiple ways of files transfer, data download and voice.

The Nokia 6500 is to be available in two diferent formats, the Nokia 6500 Classic and Nokia 6500 Slide. In a world where consumers seem to expect remakes and sequals that never seem to live up to the originals the Nokia 6500 Classic breaks the rules and offers age old design with the latest mobile phone technology.

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