Painting Greenbacks

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From alligators to parakeets to a champion black angus that's the range of the portraiture of this man, which currently is developing into a thriving and highly specialized art business. He can paint something as minute and odd as a pet flea just as long as a high quality photograph of it is presented. Several birds, cats, rabbits, horses, dogs, and one alligator are the specially selected animals for his masterpieces thus far.

As a growing boy, he found joy in arts and animals. When it comes to supporting a wife and a youngster all artists know that selling fine paintings cannot make for a good living. After moving to the Bay Area, he continued his studies and aimed at a career in commercial art. What he did during World War II was open his display business and engaged in fine art as a hobby.

The siamese cats he painted that were owned by a friend almost destroyed the painting by purring and rubbing against it and it was after the work gained much praise that his wife suggested that he develop his hobby into a business. When he entered into the pet portrait painting business, he was met with a desirable financial result.

He launched his most current collection at the cow palace. Considering this he received a number of requests for him to make portraits of fine show horses, a pet parakeet whose owner raised it from an egg, and also a champion rabbit. A painting of his horse was requested by a renowned television actor singer who was also a recording artist. He was contracted to make the portrait of the award winning black angus. Better than painting people portraits is what it is and the subjects do not normally kick as he says.

There is a big university in Santa Clara with a new director of the gallery and museum who was a former director of a big museum in San Jose and she assumed her post after a reverend died early last month. Also a well known artist is the new director and she exhibited through the nation and locally at the palace of the legion of honor.

An exhibit at a gallery in San Francisco is where a local sculptor will display his work. Covering neo classical to highly abstracted forms are thirty of his works which will be exhibited. A writer, photographer, and highly talented artist are what he is and he also conducts a ballet school. This man starred in the movie called spectre of a rose. An exhibit of more than 200 objects, books, prints, paintings, sculptures, described as one of the most remarkable private art collections in America will remain on view at another famous museum.

The collection of a couple from Pennsylvania covers a span of 50 years. From a dozen renowned painters is the works it includes plus scores of other historic greats. Interestingly enough, the husband began collecting books while still a student of Harvard, and expanded it over the years purchasing many of the more valuable objects on the installment plan.

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