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While many people still rely on the mainstream medical profession to help them through illness others are looking at alternative forms of treatment. One form of this that has become very popular in recent years is acupuncture. It can be used to treat a number of illnesses and ailments and many people swear by its results.

It is one of many naturopathic treatments that are rooted in the theory that the body is a self regulating machine that has the ability to heal itself. Naturopathy steers away from drugs and surgery instead using natural remedies and holistic approaches to treat illness and ailments. This idea has become another option for those who are not getting results from western medicine or find that they are experiencing a lot of side effects.

Acupuncture differs from mainstream medicine in many ways and most noticeably in the way in which illnesses are diagnosed. In the western world we are used to doctors focusing on the symptoms we describe and determining a diagnosis from this.

However with this form of treatment the focus is on the person as a whole. It does not just treat the body but also the mind. This is because it is believed that the two are intrinsically linked and is one is off balance then so too will be the other. A course of acupuncture is then built around the individual. This can mean that two people who have been given the same diagnosis by a regular doctor may receive different types of treatment by an acupuncturist.

This form of treatment is based on the idea that the body experiences pain or illness when its vital energy, known as qi, is unable to flow freely. This can be caused by a number of reasons. The most common of which are stress, both emotional and physical, injury, infection and poor nutrition. The treatment consists of very fine needles being inserted into the body at specific places to restore the body's balance and allow qi to flow freely again.

Acupuncture is popular with people who experience chronic pain and it has been known to be very effective. One of the positives of this kind of treatment is that, unlike western medicine, there are virtually no side effects. However patients should be aware that sometimes symptoms briefly increase while the body regains its natural balance.

You can have a one off acupuncture session or a course of them. It is usual that you will need more than one treatment in order to notice long lasting effects. However it is common to notice a difference after just one session.

The cost can vary quite dramatically so it is worth shopping around rather than just going to the first one you can find. Most will allow you some time free of charge to discuss your symptoms and explain what they can offer you and at what cost. Getting a recommendation from someone who already receives this type of treatment would be a good idea, but most important of all make sure that whoever you see is a fully registered and licenced practitioner.

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