Antique Shopping In Sacramento

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If you are looking for some valuable antiques and are willing to pay any amount for them, you should probably travel west, towards Sacramento, California. Sacramento has a rich history that includes tales of the gold rush, the colonization of the Mexican land and cattle rustling. Antique appraisers have uncovered noteworthy antique items over the past few years.

The Sacramento Convention Center has a campaign poster that dates back to 1864, which supports the Union ticket of Andrew Johnson and Abraham Lincoln. It also flaunts a rare and extremely valuable Kavanaugh Wachtel painting, an antique Pennsylvania rifle from the 18th century and many more such unique items that can be added to any antique lovers collection. Some of these antiques pieces are now valued between $20,000 and $75,000, making antique collecting an extremely expensive hobby.

From beautiful vases that have quaint stories associated with them to 17th century jewelry, Sacramento flaunts culture and heritage, making it an apt source for antiques and other expensive collectibles. The rich and affluent are known to visit several antique stores; Witherells being one of the most famous. Known for its furniture, colonial firearms, silver, decorative collectibles and other contemporary art and antique items, Witherells caters to the more expensive tastes. Some of the expensive antique items date back to hundreds of years and are sold at exorbitant prices.

In spite of all this, Sacramento has still managed to attract thousands of wealthy visitors every year, eager to find the most valuable and rare displays. The older the item, the more is the cost attached. However, price is of no consequence for some of these rich and affluent tourists, who are more than willing to spend thousands to get the antique pieces on display.

The Sacramento Antique Faire is located in midtown Sacramento and has an outdoor antique and collectibles marketplace that is organized on the second Sunday of each month. Thousands of antique dealers from all over the country come to this fair to sell various antique items like jewelry, China and glassware, furniture, rugs, cultural items, architectural pieces and other quality art and collectibles.

Not only is this a great way to enhance the ambience of the home, but collecting these items also enriches those who are hobby bound and rich. With exhibits of French porcelain, antique plumbing fixtures, painted furniture, delicate glassware, French dining tables and dinner sets to antique wrought iron gates, Sacramento is the antique collector's paradise.

Sacramento provides cultural connections for all enthusiasts. Antique collection is not an unknown form of art and Sacramento attracts tourists from all parts of the world. Tourists are known to get lost in the dreamy haze of the Gold Rush and the Wild West.

The lure of being able to be a part of and contributing to the preservation of the art is very satisfying. Sacramento has earned the reputation of catering to the specific needs of wealthy clientele and adding to the existing exhibits regularly. The displays are a true salute to time and the by-gone era.

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