Is Honest Riches Legit?

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Holly Mann: Honest Riches Review

By Brad Kamer

How did you find out about this e-book?
Early in the spring of 2007, I searched the internet in pursuit of finding different ways to make a part time income using nothing more than my computer. I have heard about the so called millionaires being born on e-bay trying to peddle drop shipped goods, etc. Thanks but no thanks. Then there are those wholesalers that will sell you a pallet full of goods that you can try and flip on eBay for 99 cents per unit. Okay, my garage is already full of knick knacks that are already primed for auction or a garage sale. If that is not enough, you type in "work at home" and find countless sites claiming you can quit your day job in weeks and live the good know.....the image of John and Jane Doe dressed up in tropical shirts, sipping daiquiris by the pool. Some of these "informational" websites advertise very high prices and seemed all but legit. I realized I had to refocus my search to "honest" income sites. After countless searches, I finally stumbled upon Holly Mann's honest riches e-book. I read the sales pitch of Honest Riches and I have to admit, I was hooked by her "honest" approach.

Who is Holly Mann?
First I was intrigued by Holly's background of how she went from basically zero to $12K per month within four months. The disabled Army vet moved to Thailand with her son with no job and basically created an internet marketing empire starting from just a pieced together computer with dial up access on a shared line. I couldn't help but be impressed by Ms. Mann's humbled introduction into this business. Holly's success has been attributed to countless hours of research combined with "trial and error" testing in the disciplines of internet marketing, web design, and most importantly SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What makes this book so successful and HONEST?
The e-book dives right into making HONEST money right away using your computer as well as your creativity. The easy to follow e-book teaches the user how to earn significant income through a variety of methods such as affiliate marketing, advertising on websites (that you can create), product reviews, and so much more. The key idea behind all Holly's teachings is search engine optimization. Is this all so overwhelming? Not really, because the book is easy to follow from examples and links provided throughout the book. Ms. Mann will even provide you with a free website template to get started. The purchase of the e-book also comes with access to an online forum Holly created. The forum allows you to ask questions of experienced entrepreneurs, as well as do research on any questions one might encounter when reading the e-book or even trying out some of the money making programs.

How many times have you found that to get rich the so called "experts" will sell you their secrets only to be sold another layer of secrets for additional money?? Holly Mann's e-book does not play that game. The book was written to allow beginners to succeed without having to cough up much money at all. Best of all, Holly provides you with the right tools to get you on your way.

The Skinny on Honest Riches

What is the negative part of this Honest Riches system? I think the book could have covered more information on revenue creation via blogs and lenses. Blogging provides an excellent portal to web networking and earning additional revenue. That being said, Holly does teach the user some excellent tools that can be utilized with the blog. In addition, the forum is full of bloggers that have some excellent tips to get started.

What I like most about Holly's book is how she provides many different avenues to go out and make money. It isn't about going out and building a website and driving as much traffic to it as possible. This instructional e-book gives you much more than that. Heck, you don't even NEED a website to make money with Holly's system. The range of success depends upon how much effort is exerted. Some members of this forum are making serious money. Am I making $12K a month? No, though I am making some decent part time money, and I have Ms. Holly Mann to thank for that.

To learn more about Honest Riches and Holly's Story by clicking Honest Riches.

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