Cause of Genital Herpes

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The main cause of genital herpes is usually the virus. The chance of getting herpes simplex virus (HSV-2) is high through unprotected sex. The cause of genital herpes to people will result in the appearance of sores and lesions. People who have genital herpes virus should not fear because the virus can be managed. There are wide range of physical symptoms and even emotional symptoms that lead to frustrations and stress.

Having genital herpes can be overwhelming, It could be caused by a stranger that you met at a bar and have sex with him on a single one night. The cause of genital herpes can result to anger, frustration, and a lifetime burden. The disease is with you for life and no amount of cure had been invented to permanently cure the virus. The cause of genital herpes can bring embarrassment and shame on the part of the person that have the disease.

There are cases where in a person do not know if he is infected or not. The cause of genital herpes may not be known. It just happened to them where they are not aware of it. Majority of population in the US who were infected with genital herpes do not have symptoms. However the virus dwells in them already and its just stays dormant had not activated yet. The outbreak can be surprising if it comes. To avoid being caught unaware of the situations, it is advised that if you think you might be of potential risk of having infected, visit your doctor and get tested. Even without symptoms, blood test can detect the presence of antigens in your blood that means that you have previous infection sometime in your life.

The cause of genital herpes can behave tremendous effects when a pregnant mother develops an outbreak during the last trimester of her pregnancy. This neonatal HSV infection can have devastating effects to the unborn baby and it can be heartbreaking. The newborn child may have a serious infection and devastating effects including neurological damage, mental retardation, and blindness and even death. This risk is greatest with initial outbreak. Mother with genital herpes pregnancy increases the risk of spontaneous abortion and premature birth. Pregnant women may not be suitable for any medication and constant monitoring would be needed. Pregnant women, who have a herpes outbreak at the time of delivery, will deliver the baby through caesarian section instead of normal vaginal delivery.

It's important to know what the cause of genital herpes is in order to avoid spreading and transmission. While there is no cure for genital herpes, prescription oral antiviral medications may help reduce the duration of your symptoms, ease the discomforts, and prevent future outbreaks as long as it is taken as a therapeutic medicine. With available help and support from your doctor and from the herpes community online it is possible to live with genital herpes, and you can live a happy and fulfilled life along with the others with genital herpes.

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