The Death of the Sales Letter

by Timothy Luo - Date: 2006-12-04 - Word Count: 285 Share This!

Every time you go on one of those guru sites now a days, all you see is a thousand page sales letter that say nothing about the product and another a thousand something testimonials that look very questionable. Those sites give me serious headaches. I have to spend a long time reading it and when I look at the sales letter, I see nothing but fillers and fluff. I don't know what the product does and how does it does that. I guess the whole point of not telling me directly is to get me to read it for as long as possible in hope I will buy it in the end. Well, guess what? I am not going to give money to some random guy on the internet to get a mystery product in hope it helps me. Even if it has a thousand questionable testimonials on it!

The sales letters that do make me buy are those that list out the facts about the product on a single page. By that I do NOT mean something like this:






-and so on

That only convinces me to keep on surfing! A good one is one like this:

SEO product

-creates huge amounts of back links.

-instantly create more content pages.

-corrects html errors.

-and so on

That's it! No testimonials, no fluff. Tell me straight out what I want to know. Takes only a few minute to read and is interesting. This is the sales letter of the future, sales letters that tells the customer what they want to know in minutes, or even seconds, and is interesting. If product is not fit for the customer, then is not. Period.

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