Samsung J700 - Cheap Mobile Phone With Mid Range Features

by Caroline Telford - Date: 2008-07-30 - Word Count: 525 Share This!

It is not expensive, yet it has more features than you would expect. The Samsung J 700 is a slider phone that has a smooth glass like finish. The camera is a 1.3 megapixel which is not very high but it has room for an extra Micro SD card to increase memory considerably. An FM radio is built into it for your listening pleasure. There is a music player that is also built in to this unique mobile phone. It is available for both regular service and pay as you go. With the latter, the advantage is that you don't get any bills and there are no costly monthly charges to contend with, just buy what you need and use it.

The Samsung J 700 can display up to 65000 colors and the phone has 3 types of ring tones. The first and very important is the Vibrocall which is handy if you are with others and do not want the other person to get distracted by your phone. Then there are the 64 bit polyphonic ringtones and the MP3 ringtones. It supports the Java format for games if you like them enough to know the difference. Along with still pictures you can also use the Video format. As if that was not enough, it has features like a calculator and calendar to help you with your program, and an alarm so you don't miss that important meeting or date. It has features like a currency converter and thus travelling in another country is a breeze. The pay as you go plan could also save you money.

There is an internal memory of 10 MB, while there is a slot for a micro SD card. The phone can take regular, text and video messages, all this plus a number of video games that are built into it. The Samsung J700 is a very versatile phone. It can do a lot of things that are normal and a lot of others that you would not conceive. Now let us talk about the advantages of the pay as you go plan. The main advantage to that is that you don't lose minutes every time. When they are finished you reload them. There are no bills that show up at inopportune times. If you can load up more, then it is beneficial to do so. You can plan your finances better that way.

The Samsung J 700 is the phone to get, it is inexpensive and it has a lot of features. The pay as you go plan could enhance your experience. Its design is such that it can be opened easily for use and also keeps the phone from dialing automatically by mistake. It also elongates when open so the Samsung J700 can utilize the space between the ear and mouth piece better. Go for the pay as you go plan and you will be glad with the total package. Samsung is a good maker of mobile phones and has been doing a good job from its inception. The Samsung J700 is a cheap mobile phone with mid range features that will give you years of good service and usage.

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