How To Learn What Great People Know

by JAMES DELROJO - Date: 2007-02-04 - Word Count: 575 Share This!

Whether your goal is to become a multimillionaire business owner, climb to the top of the corporate ladder, become a professional sports star or entertainer, or to be successful in any other field of endeavor, you need to learn what the greats in that field already know.

It is common sense to know that those who have already excelled in their field must know how to do it. It should then be obvious that if you know what they know, and use that knowledge, then you too can become successful.

But what is the best way to go about acquiring that knowledge? Let's look at three ways that can work for you.

The first way is to study the greats. Today we have all sorts of resources to help you do this.

Most fields of endeavor will have books written by the greats and books written about the greats. By reading these books you can get knowledge of what the leaders in your field know and what they do. Most successful people develop the habit of reading about successful people and their strategies.

You will probably find that there are also magazines that specialize in your chosen field. Typically such magazines will regularly interview successful people to try to discover what it is that has lead to their success.

If you look a little further you should also find audio programs, teleseminars, seminars, home study courses and all manner of teaching material that will reveal the knowledge of the high achievers.

The second way you can approach this subject is to mix with the people you want to model.

This may not always be immediately possible but there is a strategy that will make it possible in the not too distant future. That strategy is to start mixing with people who are more successful in your field than you are. Even though they may not be the leaders they will be a stepping stone to them.

As you learn and apply what they know then you need to move up a level and again mix with those who are more successful than yourself. Each group will lead you to the next group so that you are progressively climbing the social ladder of the successful.

Of course you have to be learning from each group and applying that knowledge so that you become of interest to those higher on the ladder.

The third way is by far the fastest way and the best way; find yourself a mentor.

It is becoming increasingly popular for successful people to mentor those who wish to "pick their brains". Of course they will charge for this mentoring and it usually isn't cheap, but you get the knowledge first hand and you have the opportunity to clarify the information as you receive it.

If you work diligently to learn and apply what the mentor is sharing with you then you will gain their respect and they will have the confidence in you to start introducing you to their contacts and associates.

All three methods will provide you with good results if you apply yourself sufficiently but mentoring, although it is expensive, generally provides you with the best return on your time and money.

One last point to consider is that most self-made successes use all three of these methods. Maybe that's something you should consider modeling, starting today.

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