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For centuries, bed has been considered as an important piece of furniture in the home representing a status symbol. In ancient Egypt, beds were not only meant for sleeping, but they were also used as a place to have meals and social disport. From time and now there are many types of beds that have been handed down from the past by tradition. Heritage or heirloom beds are a true example of historical beds that can provide a unique and captivating observation on modern practice. A bed acts as a centerpiece of any room, where majesty can be added through heirloom beds. For many generations, the heirloom bed has been valued as an elite bed, where many consider it as an ultimate possession. Heritage beds made in wood or metal are extremely popular than the other version of the beds like four poster beds, sleigh beds and other handmade beds.

Traditional heirloom or heritage beds are heavily ornate with broad carving affixed to them. In earlier times, only rich noblemen owned such beds, and after his death these beds were considered to be the one of his most treasured possessions. It is amazing to see how many people long for these heritage beds and it is like a dream come true when they finally own the one. Many consider heirloom beds to be extremely majestic and imperial where having them is measured with great poise or aristocracy. Tradition has infused into many of us the desire to own an heirloom bed, if possible

However, even if these beds do not appear affordable, their imitation is a good substitute, as it turns out to be in your budget and you can also get it made according to your requirements. Quite often people either seem to compromise with their desire or choose to wait for next time to buy these beds, whereas it is a good choice to get it made from a furniture maker according to your preference of size, wood, color carving and style. By adding the variety of fabrics, colors and patterns for the drapes, there is no ending to the vast possibilities. Besides the overall appearance of the bed the feel of the bed is also extremely important. Do not get carried away only by the elegance of these heirloom beds, indeed it must be comfortable and relaxing for you to spend a good night's sleep. There are many different designs and styles of heirloom beds accessible in the present days. You can also search on internet to look for the many available choices of heirloom or heritage beds. One can easily find an heirloom bed that fits the design and scale of the room. An heirloom bed that has been passed down from the generations is a real possession representing tradition and refinement. As the fact remains, some of the most ancient designs are the most elegant and may even be hard to come by. The heirloom beds finish is a NC lacquer based finish used for decades for its protective qualities and ability to showcase the grain and character of the timber it is used on but there is no such thing as a plain old NC lacquer.

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