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In this digital scenario, everybody is people
aware of advanced Internet technologies and it's functionality. Many businesses
are going on net through websites without having physical offices. Website
creates corporate identity all over the globe. Anyone can easily get knowledge
about your business through websites. It will help you in expanding your business

Now-a-days, there are so many visual aids, graphics
and multimedia tools to make your site the best. As a web designer, when I
start to make design for my client's site, I have had so many designing tools
like Photoshop, Illustrator, Imageready, to make my designs more effective
and visual. But the biggest question is that How to interpret with clients
and make them him understand how this design is best for themhim.

There is a few tactics to deal with your clients
 which may help you in conversion and you can get the end result that could
earn the client's trust and appreciation.

1> To make the vision of the intelligent,
and always listen your client carefully.

Listening is not passive; a good listener can
take complete control of the conversion and leave the impact of intelligence
on people. When you listen well, you earn the trust of your client.

2> Direct Eye Contact.

Your ears may be the receiverptor for the sounds
you hear when you are listening, but something else about you is equally important:
your eyes. If you are not making good eye contact or are continuouslyally
busy moving around, then other person will not "feel" listened too.
They will know they have not really been heard. Look directly at the person
the whole time while they are talking. If it is a particularly long dissertation,
you can look away or look down to jot a note, but only for a second before
looking right back at them. When you don't maintain this direct eye focus,
the person will feel that you don't think what they have to say is valuable
to you anyway, so why bother fully answering your questions or coming to you
with information.

3> Start with Basic information and
add your opinions and color it with imagery.

The client is not aware about technical aspect
and hence so start with basics, he only listen what you say and rely open
your words he makes his decision. So we should present our views with clarity
and honesty.

The fastest way to create learning is to link the unknown with the known.
A simile uses the words "like" or "as" to bridge the unknown
with the known. Example: This design like "the rainbow". This will help the
people to understand easily by resembling of two things

4> Be honest.

Don't hide any blackheads to the clients. Honesty
should be is the only policy while making presentationen presenting to clients. 
At the time of get business discussions, you need to gain theiryour client's
trust for long term business. The solution is to be honest and maintain credibility
at the same time. No one can know the answer to every question. It is how
the inevitable situation is handled that separates great presenters from amateurs.

5> Reflect client's exact requirements
with your imagination

When the client specified his desire and come
to discuss about his requirements, I always paid attention to his viewslistened
with dueand respect his view then I reached to the conclusion as tothought
what are essential to make a site and which things are left in his view. I
broughtdrag his attention to those points and provided him new vision and
 tried to reflect his view with my imagination.

Keep the above mentioned se five points in your
mind while dealing with clients; it must be a great help in achieving your
goal. These four points are ultimately increased your confidence and power
of negotiation. 


Zalak Shah

Zalak Shah is working as a web designer at Semaphore Infotech Pvt. Ltd, India. She has more than 1 year Experience. You can contact on email:

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