Cold Calling Script Death - How to Generate Sales Leads with Ease

by Micah Soelberg - Date: 2007-02-26 - Word Count: 345 Share This!

Cold calling scripts are dead and they have been for quite some time now. I'm here to tell you that it's a good thing and you shouldn't be worried at all. But first let's look at why it's dead.

To begin with a cold calling script makes you sound like a robot. I don't care how many times you read it and practice it; you are still going to sound mechanical. The reason why this is so is because a cold calling script is not tailored to each person. A cold calling script is unable to adapt to the millions of possible prospect types you reach. Each call may be similar but it is different also.

But don't worry about the death of cold calling scripts. Why? Well because it just doesn't matter anymore. You cold call to generate sales leads. Well guess what, there are plenty of ways to generate sales leads without ever touching the telephone!

In fact it is way easier and much more productive to generate sales leads by other methods other than cold calling. The reason why is because cold calling can only contact 1 person at a time. But other methods can contact thousands or more at a time.

A basic example of generating sales leads without cold calling scripts or cold calling would be email. Done right you can generate tons of hot qualified leads by using just email. You just need to know how. You need to pay special attention to subject lines, opening headline, call to action and a few other important tactics. I know a lot of you are saying right now that you've tried email and it doesn't work. Well guess what, it works. You're just not doing it right!

Email is just one small example of how to generate sales leads without using a cold calling script or cold calling. You just have to open your mind up to them. So stop wasting your time using cold calling scripts and start educating yourself on alternate methods of prospecting. I promise you you won't miss cold calling that much.

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