Office Chairs Combining Style And Functionality

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Probably the most important item in the entire spectrum of what we call as the office furniture is the office chairs. After all, chairs are the piece of furniture that employees at all levels are required to sit on, and work day in and day out and produce positive results so that their company can grow in turn.

Executive office chairs, leather chairs, revolving chairs, ergonomically designed work chairs, mesh office chairs, visitor's chairs, executive chairs, leather study chairs, kneeling chairs and draught chairs, stools and small sofa seating, reception area seating, bar stools, bistro chairs, and chairs to be placed at the eating area, and so on. There can be quite a few more kinds of chairs that you require depending upon your nature and work profile.

For the reception or the front office, you can be a little more generous and shed your serious approach to work. You can go in for very stylish and equally colourful chairs to seat your receptionist. A few modern offices across industries are increasingly going in for floating receptionist as is the case with five star hotel properties or big airlines and travel agencies.

Then, you come to the main work place. Since most offices cannot do without computer system monitors staring out of every nook and corner, the maximum used kind of chairs are the ergonomically designed revolving chairs that makes slogging away for six hours or so daily at a computer terminal that much less taxing to your eyes and body.

With the breaking down of hierarchy, some executives these days are not very keen on having huge executive leather chairs for themselves. All the same, it does make sense to reserve the most stylish and sophisticated chair for the big boss.

The conference rooms and the meeting areas do need to have slightly bigger and more comfortable office chairs than what is found at the work stations. Here again, the two chairs at the two ends of the conference table are generally executive class chairs.

Increasingly, most people prefer style over comfort at the eating and relaxation area. Thus, you can see more and more work places and enterprises resorting to bar stools, for their employees than dining chairs.

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