Manage Domain Names - Skills You Need to Maintain a Domain Portfolio

by Paul Flyer - Date: 2007-01-17 - Word Count: 346 Share This!

Whether you own one, two or one hundred domain names, you need the ability to manage the domain names in your portfolio. Here is a list of skills you need, starting with the most basic and ending with the more advanced.

Evaluating good domains names. There is skill involved in selecting quality domain names. Knowing key characteristics can make a large difference in the way your domains can later be marketed and sold. Beginners looking to make money buying and selling domain names often make their biggest mistakes right here.Finding good domain name registrars - This comes down to more than price. Reputation, service and ease of use all play a part. Registering domain names - the simplest of all the skills, chances are you have accomplished this at least once already. The process of registering new domain names is the most common way to add domains to your portfolio. Changing DNS Servers - whether you want to park your domain name or develop a website, you will have to learn how to change the DNS settings of the domain. If you can copy and paste, than this is a no-brainer.

Locking/Unlocking - domain names can be stolen. Learning how to lock a domain name through your domain name registrar is important. Unlocking is just as important when it comes time to transfer that domain.Private registration - learning how private registration can protect you is essential. We live in an age of spam and identity theft. Seriously consider this option. Transferring domain names - domain name registrars are like any other business, if they fail to serve you well it is time to transfer your domains to another registrar. Depending on the registrar this can get a little tricky. Domain Parking - setting up a domain to display a standard web page without having to purchase web hosting is essential. This can be taken to the next level as well: monetization.Buying and selling domains - probably the most advanced domain name skill. This can be tricky and comes only with time and experience. Learning all these skill will make you master of you domain. Literally. ;-)

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