Letting it Flow and Fixing it Later

by Jane Sumerset - Date: 2009-12-27 - Word Count: 506 Share This!

If you're a native speaker of a language and are writing any form of text in that vernacular, what process do you follow? Many of us were trained from school to deliberately outline our ideas and arrange them logically before even beginning with the writing. During the writing process, we are taught to carefully craft our sentences, policing our grammar use and logical coherence.

While that is, no doubt, effective for many people, some of us just aren't hardwired to write in that manner. Some of the best writers I know, in fact, frequently sit down with nary an idea of what's going to come out of that sitting. Using careful editing work and the latest that technology has to offer, they lay their ideas down first and sculpt it later often to similarly positive results.

The real question then is, how do you best function as a writer? Do you do your best work with a complete outline in tow or do you enjoy the process more when you run by the seat of your pants?

While seat-of-the-pants writers used to suffer from having to re-read and re-work majority of their words, modern wordsmiths are less-burdened, with the availability of writing tools at their disposal. If you think you'll work best freeing yourself from the shackles of convention and just letting things flow, you'll eventually find that a writing software can be an indispensable tool in your arsenal. Using it, you can write your materials any way that pleases you. Once you're done setting the first draft to paper, you can then use both the grammar and style checkers of your writing software to fix up mistakes and dress it up in a more attractive form.

There are times that you feel to write what comes in to your mind but your thought will only be interrupted if you always think of how you are going to correct your grammar or is there any errors with your sentence. for some reason, it is better to write down all the things that your ideas have been through. Record it all, besides, you mind is in the mood of thinking greatly about your topic and which is also supported with facts that you have gathered through your research.

It's a better thing if your ideas starts to run wild since you can think of the possible words that help you create a sentence and together will form a paragraph and afterwards, you might even finish your content. Once you are done with it, that's the time that you will have to check your grammars and spellings.

You've got to read it all over again and proofread it. Omit unnecessary words and then you can even revise it. Make your writings more clear and understandable in order for your readers to follow your own views and how they are going to react with your piece. It is much easier to go through the flow of writing by simply noting down what your mind has spoken and then check your work for final submission.

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