Bass Fishing Equipment For Beginners

by Tom Williamson - Date: 2007-03-15 - Word Count: 306 Share This!

We are going to start our lessons with the assumption that you are new to bass fishing. What I am about to share with you is my own personal opinion for starting out in the great sport of bass fishing.

We will start out with equipment you will need.

You will need at least 2 identical rod and reel combo's. The reason that they need to be identical is that it will make it easier for you to learn how to cast and not have to learn how to use different styles just starting out.

One reel need to have a heavier line, around 14# test is a good weight to start. This reel will be used to cast heavier lures such as plastic worms, spinner baits and jigs. I would have around 10# on the other reel. This reel will be used to cast smaller lures with. You will need a medium size tackle box and I would suggest purchasing a few different color plastic worms with some being dark and some lighter colors.

Use the larger, darker worms in dingy water and the lighter color in clear water.

I prefer worms around 7 inches long. I would use 7/16 oz sliding worm sinkers and a size 3 worm hook. You will also need a few 7/16oz spinner baits of different colors and a few medium running crank baits. Now you need to take your new equipment out to the back yard and practice casting until you are good at hitting your target. Putting your lure in the right spot is a huge part of being a successful bass angler.

In our next lesson we will talk more about the different types of plastic worms and when to use each type. We will also discuss the different types of spinner bait blades.

I hope this first lesson has been of some help.

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Written by long time angler and tournament fisherman, Tom Williamson.

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