The Various Forms of Spring Fever

by Lynn Powers - Date: 2008-07-16 - Word Count: 512 Share This!

If you're like me, you probably just smile when someone says they have Spring Fever, which is known mostly as a severe yearning for warmer weather and sunshine. It hits extra hard after an especially long, cold and dreary winter. At the first hint of higher temperatures, you're out the door for some fresh air, much needed exercise and to allow your kids to release all of that energy they've been storing up which has been driving you crazy!

But the truth is spring isn't all chirping birds and roses. And some kids have a tougher time than we think adjusting to the changes. Here are just a few things you may notice your child experiencing once spring has sprung.


When your child starts sniffling, sneezing or complains of itchy eyes, it's likely he or she is experiencing springtime allergies. While a cold will bring many of the same symptoms, allergies tend to be worse in the morning, don't come with a fever, and produce only clear mucus. Fortunately, many great allergy medications are available both by prescription and over-the-counter. Contact your pediatrician to find out which one is best for your child. Unfortunately, however, even medicine doesn't completely eliminate all of the effects. Be prepared for decreased energy and increased crankiness at least for a few weeks until the allergen culprits diminish.


It's true that April flowers bring May showers - and storms. A major fear for many children is stormy weather, particularly thunder storms that sometimes bring with it tornado watches and warnings. It might be a good idea to keep the television remote nearby to quickly change channels if the weatherman is about to bring a potentially frightening report. And when you know bad weather is on the way, maybe suggest playing a couple of games in the basement to preoccupy him or her while also hanging out in a safe place.

Hyper Activity

Even those who aren't challenged with A.D.D. experience springtime hyper activity. Being cooped up all winter does strange things to a kid - mainly makes him or her even more prone to excited craziness as they realize they're now able to run around the yard in tennis shoes instead of clomping around in snow boots. And no more coat? What freedom! That alone is enough to prompt a child to be louder, have more energy, and start break dancing in the driveway.

Lack of Focus

Teachers report a slight drop in grades during the last marking period of school, which isn't surprising. Do you remember sitting in that classroom, staring out the window at sunshine you haven't seen in months, trying to concentrate on what your teacher was saying? Virtually impossible! For kids in school, waiting for the end-of-the-day bell to ring during spring months is utter torture. Of course, we should encourage and get after our children when they are distracted and lose focus. But we also need to cut them a little slack.

Even as your kids (and you) adjust to the changes that come with spring, enjoy every moment. It won't be long and you'll be pulling out those winter coats again.

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