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by Sean Ray - Date: 2007-03-01 - Word Count: 273 Share This!

How do you find a banner exchange program? That's the easy part. Just a simple web search will bring up a host of options. Once you choose a site, usually the process is straightforward. Don't just go with the first program you come across, though; each one will have its strengths and weaknesses. Some programs focus their attention on logical banner placement rather than others and some specialize in sites that contain a particular subject matter. One thing to which you need to pay particular caution is whether the exchange program charges a fee. Most don't, but in some cases you'll get a better exchange ratio (in other words, you'll have to post fewer banners on your site per one of your banners that is posted) if you pay a fee.

Generally, for every banner you agree to display, the exchange gives you a piece of HTML code that instructs the visitor's web browser to bring up a banner from the exchange program's server. In doing so, the banner exchange program can change which banners are on which sites and they can track the success level of particular banner ads on specific sites - information they use when pairing sites with relevant advertisers.

The upside to joining a program like this is that your site gains exposure on a variety of other sites for free. The downside is that you don't have much control over where your ads appear and what ads you will end up displaying on your site. That means you run the risk of not being particularly fond of what ends up on your site or where your site ends up being advertised.

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