The Venus Fly Trap: Scammers on Dating Sites

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On AdultsOnly we are committed to your safety and your privacy and we are thriving to make our site an enjoyable place to meet new people.
But despite our continuous efforts to keep text message scammers out, they find new and more inventive ways to come on the site.
We want to take the opportunity to sharpen your senses to identify scammers and their dirty tricks!
The scam:
Most scammers have thee same commercial aim: they try to get hold of your phone number and milk your mobile phone bill. Once they obtain your number, you receive a text message from 1900 number, enticing you to reply. If you reply, you have been stung with a hefty charge, and in some bad cases your mobile phone bill could come back with the nasty surprise of a couple of hundred dollars spent on 1900 numbers. Lately these scammers have become so audacious, they even use our good name to lure you in.
Please note that AdultsOnly DOES NOT keep any of your personal records such as phone numbers and we don't ever contact you by phone. If you receive a text message from AdultsOnly - you can be sure it's a scam!
The scammers profile:
You probably heard it before: if it looks to good to be true, it mostly is!
To get you on the hook, mobile phone scammers often work with professional photos of the hottest girls you've ever seen. Their profile description is fairly generic, they are "up for anything", "love having sex" with pretty much "anyone".
If you don't fall for the mousetrap just by browsing past this irresistible profile, they might contact you with a flirt or a message. The messages are usually fairly long for a first message, and always end with the same call to action: they supply you with an msn messenger address to contact them on asap OR they will ask you to send them their phone number. Once you contact them on msn it won't be long until they say: "it would be great to chat on the phone, why don't you (you guessed it...) send me your number?"
So, please remember: if Carmen Electra contacts you, telling you how much she is "up for anything" and asks you for your number straight away...chances are she is not real and has alternate motives!

You swallowed the hook - what to do:

We admit, we are all only human, and sometimes we would just love to believe our ultimate fantasy just came true.
Yes, you have given out your phone number despite better judgment and now you have a message sitting in your phone, coming from a 1900 number.
We all make mistakes, but now it's time to wake up and NOT reply! As much as you wish for it, this lady (if it is one) does not have the intention to ever meet you, she just wants to damage your phone bill.
If this happens to you, please let us know asap so we can ban the scammer off our site to save other victims from falling into the Venus fly trap.
Do not feel embarrassed, it happens to the best of us.

Some common warning signs:
- You receive a photograph of a potential date and you can't believe your luck.
- Your potential date tells you that they love or desire you after only a few letters or emails.
- The email is poorly written, vague or repeats itself.
- You are asked for your phone number details or for gifts or money.
- The emails become more desperate or direct if you do not comply with her requests straight away

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