What to Consider with Owning Aquarium Fish and Discount Aquarium Tanks

by Stuart Brown - Date: 2007-04-20 - Word Count: 612 Share This!

Owning an aquarium is one of the most wonderful things that you can do. When you watch the glint of beautifully coloured fish swimming around, it is both relaxing and re-assuring that you have chosen the right hobby. And this is especially true, when you are dealing with tropical fish, which can be some of the most beautiful, you will ever see. Of course, owning an aquarium isn't just about looking at beauty. As both you and I know. There's also a lot of work involved in it. And one of the most expensive aspects of the hobby is buying an aquarium tank. Unfortunately, discount aquarium tanks do not grow on trees! So if you are going to find a good bargain on one then you will need to shop around extensively. In this article I'm going to discuss various aspects of owning aquarium fish, and some thoughts about researching fish tanks.

The first thing that you need to decide is how big you want to go with your aquarium. Or, more accurately, where you want to stop! Because literally you can go from a goldfish bowl right up to a massive 400 gallon plus salt water tank. And which one you go for will be dependent on several factors. Firstly, how big is your budget? If you only have 20 bucks to spend, then your choice has already been made! Get the goldfish bowl, start out small and grow from there. But more likely, if you're reading this article, then you have already been involved in owning fish for probably quite some time, and so are considering the next step up. You may already own a small aquarium, are looking to upgrade to a larger one, or perhaps you are looking to change styles of fish, or try out more exotic fish, that require a different care environment or a larger tank.

A key ingredient to consider is that the larger the tank, the more work you will have to do. You will have to measure the water pH, sort out water filters, check that the fish that you wish to put in the tank are compatible with one another, and check to make sure that none of the fish have any existing diseases or problems. There are also dietary concerns, both in terms of what you feed the fish, and also that the fish do not feed on each other!

The main place to start if you are looking to buy a discount aquarium is the pet shop. You will often find that many pet shop owners also have a great deal of interest in fish breeding. This is because fish tend to take up very little space in a shop, but can also be sold for large amounts of money, so many small pet shops, are able to stock large amounts of fish, and the owners will often be very knowledgeable. Make sure that you pick their brains about the best places to buy tanks, and what you should be looking for. It is in their interest to help you, because you will need to put fish in those tanks!

Other places to look are in the public library, where you will be able to research for the differences between the different fish breeds, and the type of tank and aquarium setup that you require. You will also find that many of the books in the library will have illustrated guides as to these, as well as guidelines as to any extra equipment you may need such as oxygenation filters, decoration etc.

For more information about aquariums, fish tanks and fish keeping visit any of the links below. And, most importantly, enjoy your fish.

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