Are the Most Expensive Skin Care Products the Best Skin Care Products?

by Peter Clark - Date: 2008-11-18 - Word Count: 680 Share This!

When looking for the best skin care products, most people assume that the more expensive the skin care product is the better it must be.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The best skin care products are not necessarily the highest priced. Here's why.

There are many factors that go into pricing a skin care range. One of the largest costs that have to be factored into the price of skincare products is marketing.

I'm sure that you've seen all those television ads for the big brand skin care ranges. The big name celebrity promoting those products that she probably doesn't even use herself, she knows that there's better skin care products around. But if she's paid enough she'll tell you they're great.

Those big name celebrities are paid a lot. And it costs heaps to pay for those TV ads too. And all the glossy brochures and so on. The marketing budgets of those big name skincare brands are huge, and all those costs have to be paid for by sales of the product.

So if you've purchased one of the big brand skin care products lately you've probably paid quite a bit towards those television ads. But even though these products are extremely expensive, that doesn't mean they're the best products.

Here's another reason why those skincare and anti aging products are so expensive. You probably buy them at your local department store or pharmacy. And of course the store has to make it's markup on the product too. So they buy the product, add some, quite a bit actually, to the price so they make their money, and so the price goes right up.

Those are two of the biggest reasons why some of those big brand name skincare products that you see on the shelves. All those wrinkle creams, moisturizers and night creams are very, very expensive.

But are they the best? No. In fact it might surprise you to know that some of them do very little at all for your skin, and some even contain ingredients that are "known to cause cancer".

Did you get that? Some of these big brand skincare products actually contain dangerous ingredients. It's the same with cosmetics too. And the problem is so bad that there is even an organisation that is dedicated to trying to clean up cosmetics and skin care products.

So if price isn't the way to find out which product is the best how do you find high quality skincare products that work well, and don't contain dangerous ingredients? You buy products from companies committed to producing high quality, safe and effective skincare products that work well and don't cost a bomb.

Did you hear right again? Are there high quality skincare products that you can buy that work well, don't contain dangerous ingredients and are cheaper than the big brands? You bet there are.

So why didn't you know about this before? Because these companies don't spend up big on TV advertising, and don't market their products through retail outlets. So two of the biggest costs of those big brand name skincare products aren't there at all. But because they don't advertise you've never heard of them.

How can you know that their products are superior, and cheaper? Well you can see their prices, they sell over the internet, and you can visit their site. But the other thing they do is let their skincare products do the talking.

They do that by offering a money back guarantee. If you aren't happy with the products you can get your money back. Try that with the big brand name skincare products.

So anyone can try their skincare and anti aging products risk free, with a money back guarantee. And once someone tries their products they usually become a lifelong customer, and keep coming back.

That's how the products are marketed. Not by TV advertising but by allowing customers to find out the quality of the products, and then buying them for life.

So are the most expensive skin care products the best skin care products? Absolutely not. In fact the best skin care products are some of the cheapest. Guaranteed.

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