How Cyber Can You Get

by Atty. Gabriel Cosh - Date: 2007-06-27 - Word Count: 379 Share This!

Driving towards your place of work, sometimes you come to realize will there ever come a time that you need no longer to look at the road you are driving, neither is there a need for you to hold the wheel and be wary with the traffic ahead. Remember those traffic sights prevalent in highly fictional motion pictures, those where the traffic flow is actually controlled by an automated system avoiding the occurrence of an accident? Will that ever come to be? You might answer no, think again.

Not more than a couple of decades ago, business transactions were actually viewed in such a stagnant manner, that for the protection of both the buyer and seller, it was done at arms length. The resort to other modes of communication to include correspondence, phone conversation or even by the use of registered mail has been seen at a negative light that would be detrimental in fact to the business interest of the parties. Until one motion picture came, and explored the feasibility of having business exchanges over the internet, everyone thought it was a farfetched possibility, an impossibility even. They spoke too soon.

At our present day and age, transactions over the internet are as common as oatmeal for breakfast. So common in fact that it has been relied upon even by the government in its dealings with the international community. Private and confidential information are even transmitted over the internet, under the belief that it is more convenient, and would actually expedite the proceedings. Confidence in the system is so high that even those of utmost confidence information are transmitted, considering that any access to such details would actually bring about an unwanted chaos in the society.

How cyber can our survival really get? Would there come a time that life as we know it would have several forms and would pierce through several dimensions and generations? Have we sacrificed enough privacy in the goal of improving our means of communication? Well these questions would remain to be unanswered. They would be parked for a few more decades. Until then, all we have left is to take care of any information we put in cyberspace. Remember that every information we transmit to the net, a part of our humanity is also transmitted.

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