Home Remedy for Eczema-an Excellent Way to Treat Injured, Inflamed and Itchy Skin!

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One of the Home Remedy for Eczema include footbaths which can be an excellent way to clean, soothe, relax and rejuvenate tired, aching feet and no one knows this better than an eczema patient who suffers from the condition on his or her feet. There are many products that can be purchased at a pharmacy or grocery store that are outstanding for soaking ones feet.

Many of these home remedies for eczema include eucalyptus and menthol. While these products are hard to get for the average person, when it comes to eczema sufferer the best solution is to immerse your feet in an herbal footbath. You are trying to avert your eczema from flaring up or else to control it so treat your feet as well as possible!

A French herbalist by the name of Maurice Messe'gue' wrote a book in 1979 detailing a number of herbal footbaths that are excellent to help improve a number of different allergies and ailments. The book is entitled "Health Secrets of Plants and Herbs." These footbaths, which are home remedy for eczema, require that you make a tea of the herbal mixture and then let them sit for twenty to thirty minutes.

After this period of time strain the mixture and then include it to the bathtub or footbath that contains a sufficient amount of warm or lukewarm water. It is best to immerse your feet twice a day- morning and night- and repeat it for a period of ten to fifteen minutes. For most favorable results, use no less than nine herbs in the mixture.

The eleven best home remedy for eczema herbs to use for footbaths include

- Artichoke Leaves
- Elecampane Leaves
- Cabbage Leaves
- Nettles, Sage
- Lavender, Marigold
- Arnica
- Burdock Root
- Black Walnut
- Yarrow Flowers.

The liver must be in good condition or reasonably good condition to use artichoke leaves. A build up of toxins in the liver sometimes contributes to eczema and artichoke leaves can help to release an excess of toxins as well as reducing inflammation.

Home Remedy

Artichoke leaves, which are home remedy for eczema, added to a footbath, can be used in extract formula, as dried whole leaves or as cut up pieces of leaves. An outstanding suggestion is to cut the artichokes into minute pieces, approximately a handful or thereabouts, and then boil water on the stove. After two to three minutes of time add the artichoke leaves to the boiling water. After the mixture boils take it off the stove and add your other herbs of choice.

Elecampane Leaves

One of the Home Remedy for Eczema, Elecampane leaves encourage the correct functioning of the immune system and remove toxins. Elecampane also aids in healing injured skin.

Cabbage leaves are outstanding for healing cuts as well as working as an anti-inflammatory agent. Nettles are also good for healing wounds while sage is both an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. Lavender is superior for reducing swelling while marigold helps with inflammation and skin injuries.

Arnica as a Home Remedy for Eczema

Arnica is both antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory and is excellent for dropping eczema symptoms. Burdock root helps decrease swelling while black walnut builds up the immune system in eczema sufferers. Finally, yarrow flowers boost the immune system and have both viral in addition to antiseptic properties.

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