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The entertainment and the social networking sites are the most preferred segments on the so called internet. The computers which are aided with the internet are steadily replacing the dedicated elements, as it is regarded as the most trusted guide to create, operate and plan how to use entertainment-based websites. People adopted the new way of communicating with people and with the penetration of the internet in our lives thing have greatly changed these days. This actually means the entire facet of communication has undergone revolution and even normal people can explore the wide horizons of this technology without having any knowledge of programming. However, with the passage of time technology has advanced a lot and with that the internet too. Now this so called 'internet' has become an integral part of our lives that we almost depend on it for every tasks and all the necessary information. Earlier, internet was used only for the purpose of chatting and mailing as for communication people still trust the reliable method of voice communication that is via mobile phones or land line telephones.

It is also a proven fact that things never remains the same always. Alternatives are obviously designed to ensure maximum satisfaction. Now, people can access and make free calls over the internet. With this option the internet users can easily stay connected with people who reside in various parts of the globe and that also at very reasonable rates. In fact, with this options the users are not required to dial numbers and dent their pockets to make an international call. Though many people are still not quite aware of this technology, it is firmly believed by the experts that in future this calling for free facility would toll over the existing process. This service is actually known as VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol.

You can make free calls without any hassles with the support of this technology. I had a great experience when I recently registered myself to the YouTring site. Though there are various social networking websites such as Yahoo messenger, MSN and Skype I think this recently launched website YouTring has something extra to offer. Apart from the personalised and group chatting facility the users can even earn Trings to make calls. These unique trings can be earned by a users by inviting their friends to this website. If their friends register into the website the concerned person automatically goes on earning trings.

Though calling for free and making free calls offer the users various advantages, this process actually also has certain limitations. The most important factor is that it directly depends on the Internet connection. With the internet connection the users can avail neither the basic chatting facility nor the calling option. As such if a place does not have Internet connection then the user would face problems in operating this facilities. Secondly, without the power service this service is absolutely of no use, but while in case of the normal phones this factor hardly matters. Thirdly, as this service is directly based on the Internet connection it can easily fall prey to certain problems such as hacking or viruses etc. Fourthly, the user cannot at the same time utilise two different facilities as it may disturb the process and probability is there that the system of the user may cut off in the midst of an important call.

Actually this revolutionary technology can assist anyone to access the calling and making free call facility over the Internet. The main thing that the user would need to avail this service is a high speed Internet connection. What is more if the connection is broadband then it can benefit the users which making long distance calls. Furthermore, the computer should be powered with a good quality sound card . The user would also require certain accessories like headphone and microphone. But if a user fails to arrange arrange them then he can opt for an IP phone which is just a normal looking phone which is connected to Ethernet.

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