Honoring the Bride With a Bridal Shower

by Jeff Fain - Date: 2008-11-05 - Word Count: 397 Share This!

Bridal showers sometimes have a slew of events that can even make a veteran bridal shower attendee bewildered. Old Aunt Mildred might feel a little left out if the situation gets too out of hand. That's why it's helpful to have games like ice breakers that make it easier for everyone to get to know each other. You simply couldn't have your best friend and office co-worker feel out of place in a room full of your old friends. If the Maid of Honor is incompetent to handle the bridal shower, it's up to you to take matters into your hands and make out the invitations, organize the litany of events at the shower, and do all the work of setting up the food, refreshments, and party games.

Before sending out bridal shower invitations, it's important to send out save-the-date cards and magnets, sometimes up to 6 weeks ahead of time, so that the bridal shower party knows when to come. These save the date cards and magnets are helpful in case the invitation comes too late for the attendee to change plans, vacation schedules, or kids' activities. Bridal shower invitations need to be sent out for the emotional wellbeing of the guest of honor because friends are the most important gift anyone can give. Therefore, the invitations are the crux of the party. Whatever happens afterward is negligible. Listen to the bride and go along for the ride. Remember, if you're the Maid of Honor, you don't have to like all the friends of the bride, but you do have to invite them.

Some popular games at bridal showers are ‘What Comes Next', ‘What the Bride Says', ‘Spice of Life', ‘Mom's Advice', ‘Clothespin Game', ‘Memory Game', ‘Penny Prize', ‘Toasting the Couple', ‘Luxury Spa', ‘Honeymoon', ‘Word Scramble', ‘Send a Note', ‘Trivia Game', ‘Finish the Proverb', and Apples to Apples, a popular board game courtesy of Hasbro's brightest minds in the business. These aforementioned games focus on aspects of the marriage.

Some bridal shower invitations aren't complete without a mention of the gifts such as really small miniscule plants, golf balls, sunglasses, makeup, engraved gifts, picture frames, miniature alcoholic beverage bottles, red roses, DVDs, books, gift certificates, Christmas ornaments, ceramic angels and cutlery, magnets of the bride, groom, and kids, bath soaps, bracelets, flower vases, and more.

Don't send out bridal shower invitations without consulting with the bride ahead of time.

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