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Scrapbooking is one of those activities that, while relying around a central theme, allow the person freedom to express him or her self. What does this signify? Well, scrapbooking revolves around one principle: organized chaos. This means that while you can practically put anything in a scrapbook, you should do it in a way that lets the objects relate to one another.

However, inanimate objects cannot really "relate" can they? What you need to do is build bridges between these objects as to let the viewer experience the bigger picture. You need to have a central theme upon which the chaos is based. For chaos that revolves around chaos is just plain, dare I say it, chaotic.

One popular theme among young boys is the firefighter. You see, these true to life heroes are admired by many people. Young boys are not the only ones fascinated by the idea of being a firefighter. In fact, many adults still find themselves wishing that they achieve their childhood dreams of being a firefighter.

Firefighter scrapbooking is probably the closest you can get to the real thing. What does one need to keep in mind when firefighter scrapbooking? Well, you have different factors to consider, and these factors need thorough thinking in order to come together in a scrapbook.

Here are the factors that affect firefighter scrapbooking:

1) Color - There are different types of colors that you can use for firefighter scrapbooking. There is, of course, the standard combination of brilliant red with white. This is the most recognizable, thanks to its being the standard color of fire trucks everywhere. In using this color combination, you need to take care to make the red very distinct and the white should not dominate the theme because doing coloring it so would turn your theme into an ambulance.

Another popular color combination for firefighter scrapbooking would be a red, coupled with spotted white. This actually honors the Dalmatian, since it is known as the traditional dog of the firefighter. People really have little idea why the Dalmatian was chosen as a mascot for such work, but hey, it works.

You may also think of choosing a color combination of red and orange, signifying the flames that the firefighter puts out. However, in order to keep up with the theme of firefighter scrapbooking, you may try to do different colors for different pages, beginning with the colors of the flame and ending with the color blue for water. This would not only be a great firefighter scrapbooking idea, but it can also signify the yin and the yang. Balance is shown by the different colors and the different elements, and if there's one thing every person needs in his or her memories, it is balance.
2) Imagery - You might also like to be more straightforward with your theme and use different pictures and images for your firefighter scrapbooking. This means you can use popular symbol associated with firefighting.

Here are some symbols you might want to think about using:

a) Fire engine - This popular vehicle enjoys immense popularity in different types of crafting media. What makes this image so popular is the fact that it is easily recognizable. It is also of a very distinct shade of red which is aptly labeled "fire engine red". The basic construction of this vehicle is so familiar that even children recognize it.

b) Firefighter - The firefighter is also one of the most recognizable images you can use for firefighter scrapbooking. Ideally, since the scrapbook is actually based on the character, this should be the logical choice. Given the popularity of the vehicle, however, you can understand why most people prefer it.

The firefighter also gains its popularity because of the distinctive look of the uniform. In fact, that protective hat of the firefighter is distinctive enough to stand as a symbol on its own.

c) Hydrant - This is also one of the distinct images that people associate with firefighting. Despite the fact that many people actually use fire hydrants for personal purposes the hydrant still remains to be a distinctive symbol of firefighting. Be careful, however, as the hydrant is also associated with dogs mainly because of the fact that many people think that hydrants are dogs' comfort rooms.

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