Voicing your concerns to God

by sola ogunseitan - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 256 Share This!

When the storms of life gather darkly ahead,

I think of this wonderful book I once read.

And I made up my mind, I am going to stick to God as glue, I am going to pour my heart to Him with all my strength.

I am not going to carry the burden all alone anymore, I am going to be at His feet, and tell Him how I feel.

But most of the time He asks me to be Quiet and know that He is not blind either is He deaf, He says to me Daughter! Worship me; your warfare is ended.

You know, God require our worship, He delights in us focusing on Him, It's not about us, it's all about him, Voice your concern to him in your worship, JEHOVAH nissi will come to your rescue.

Why things happen as they do we do not always know, and we cannot fathom why our spirit sink so low. We flounder in our dark distress, we are wavering and unstable, but

When we are most inadequate the lord God's always able.

All God want from us when things goes wrong, is to worship Him, Bring Him to the situation, let him carry over,

Allow God's light to penetrate! I'll keep voicing my concerns in worshiping to you my savior.

When I am weak He is strong, remind me o lord to voice out my worship to you more often than I do. I cannot get myself through the storms, but you can


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